Fitness, Tests and De-Stress Yoga

Hi everybody. I have been deeply rooted in many things this week. This morning’s test for school was difficult but I did pass it and I am going to study some more before moving on to the next chapter for the next test. Only three more to go before I can take the practice tests for the final and then it is on to trying to take as many practice tests as I can before the state test that I MUST pass in order to license. Way back in the day people did not have to go to school for this stuff…just saying that the government always finds ways to make money off of you.

Anyway, I have updated the Linked to Fitness page. The FIT with Tara Stiles one is broken into sections, but you can do it all at once. I will just say that I never thought of using my bathroom sink in such a way.

I did yoga as kind of a break from schoolwork and trying to just relax my mind. All the having to do laundry, cook, do dishes and school stuff is kind of taxing on emotions and sanity. Working out helps me much.

With my workouts for today done I so want to do another two miles of cardio, but I don’t know. I have knitting on my to-do list…but two miles (also known as three miles) couldn’t hurt much by way of time.

Stay Healthy


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