Hair, Health and Fitness

Health, both physical and mental, and emotional, are important to keep watch on. It is very easy to forget who you are and what is important to you. My mother mentioned the other day that you have to care about yourself and what you look like or you lose hope. I get it. Years ago I was the play with my hair and do new styles kind of person. While I didn’t think of equating that with caring about myself I did have fun doing it.

Now, going natural really wasn’t in my best interest. I really don’t care because my hair was much easier to manage relaxed than natural. It’s healthier this way, but not easy to manage and certainly not easy to keep styled.

My mother and I differ here because she loves doing my hair natural while I hate it. I can put it up in the bun I like now that it has grown back since cutting it, but I am not a baby hairs person. I told her the other day if they wanted to stay down they would lie down on their own. She laughed at me as she pulled out the gel, toothbrush and a lower sitting chair for me to plop down as she got to work on making my baby hairs recline in the position she wanted them.

I took more care of styling with relaxed hair than I do natural hair. I don’t equate that to a mental or emotional health thing but I do get what she’s saying. When you care about yourself you don’t let stuff slide. There are no excuses to be made because when you care you find a way and not an excuse. Working out is like that for me. I love to workout so it has never been a pulling teeth activity for me. I love to eat healthy as much as I can so this, too, is not an issue for me. But hair…now that is a different story.

One thing I won’t do though is let hair get in the way of health for me. Easy to manage or not, I workout first and worry about my hair…well, kind of never. I do still have my wigs so if ever I have a super bad hair day I can always cover it with a wig…and if I want a change of style, I have wigs for that too.

Stay Beautiful; Stay Healthy and always Do You.


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