Friday Morning Musings in the Spotlight

Happy Friday everybody.

I am thankful that this week has been relatively productive for me. Loads of work done on studying for school, finishing a knitting project and starting the other and releasing my book The Affair which has Love Unspoken included with it. It’s on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Payhip. It’s one of my combined novella length works.

The affair with title cover

In addition to the world of writing and knitting I have been getting in daily workouts with my new yoga routine except for this morning. I woke up feeling a little under the weather…kind of like the weather outside that seems to be a little under the weather itself lately ;). If I feel better later I’ll try to work in yoga at least, but if not then I’ll have to agree with my body and take today off.

On the hair thing I am getting ready for a challenge…kind of anyway. I told my mother the other day that I like my wig that I have worn for at least two days this week and she mentioned that I could always go back to it for a while. This Friday morning, as I look at my hair looking poufy because I unbraided it this morning I decided I just might go under the wig until my birthday near the end of the year.  It’s not cast in stone but maybe…maybe not.

All of this for a Friday morning and I still managed to get a new feature in the Spotlight. B.B. Montobon’s fairytale children’s story is in the spotlight for the next couple weeks so please go check it out and see if you would like to read the short story yourself.

The Never Land cover change - should work for webHappy weekend everybody.


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