Yoga Fitness and Cardio Knitting

Okay so I did not do cardio while knitting but I did think about knitting while doing cardio. I have a few pieces I can show in the fashion section of this blog but have yet to grab the pictures from my camera and have yet to find time to write anything on them. Perhaps the other two pieces will be done by the time I find the time to really get the page together. I’m winding down with school so I’m focusing a lot of my time on my studies in preparation for the final plus the state exam I will have to take once approved to take it. One day at a time and all that mental health survival speak ;).

At any rate, this is about fitness today. I updated the Linked to Fitness page this morning and I think it will be my last update because the page is getting long. I’ll put some other work up for the health page and other things at some point in the future.

For me, this morning was 4-miles of cardio plus yoga. While I have updated the Linked to Fitness page with some of the yoga videos I thought I would share two of them here too.

Weight Loss Yoga Routine & Slim Waist

These two are mixed in with a continuing playlist of yoga that include cardio, core, arms and other health and body beneficial routines. Have fun.

Stay Healthy



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