And Then There Was This Cop

When I was younger I think I concentrated more than I do now. Not that I didn’t daydream and follow the rabbit down the path, but I focused more…I think.

There I was, studying my Irish lessons like I usually do in the morning when my mind wandered off on its own. Yes, I am blaming my mind because clearly it was not my fault ;). Really, I see why new stories come to me multiple times during a single day–I get ideas even when I should be focusing on something else. This morning, there was this cop.


I’m trying to take a timed practice session and this cop (cute as he may be) just would not leave my mind. No he is not real. Well, he may be kind of related to a real cop, but I’m not sure on that because I vaguely remember the real cop, but still…timed practice sessions while my mind decides to follow the rabbit and fall down the hole is not a good thing. It’s a miracle I actually didn’t hear the clock ticking alerting me to the lapse of time. I need to get my mind in line before I have to take the final for school and the state test otherwise I am going to be in trouble.

Anyway…here is a look at the scarf/shawl I knitted for my mother. This one is mostly pattern with some small personal changes on my part.



My Kindle needed a new cover too since the one I bought at the store is peeling apart–yes, peeling all over the place. Enough was enough. I do miss that one though.


Stay Fashionably Beautiful :).  IMG_7807


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