Fitness Finds

People who have either found me on one of my blogs or truly know me in my real world know I love working out and eating healthy (relatively healthy I guess). While I was looking at one thing on the Relaxed Hair Health blog I decided to check out the other sections of the blog and of course I went straight to the Health+Fitness section. (No surprise there).

I found some interesting things and even things that I remember doing as a child for fun–those were the days I was working out and not even realized I was working out. One thing I would LOVE to add from this morning’s reading adventure is the rebounding trampoline-114587_1920thing…I need to get a trampoline for that. I would love to hula hoop again but I am going to have to hit the Dollar Tree for that because that is one item that did not make it through all of the moves I have made from state to state over the years. Hoop Dancing sounds right up my alley and I found that YouTube has videos for that so I plan to check those out and see if I want to add it to my workout routine. There are also weighted hula hoops if you have the money and the desire to add that to your workout equipment.

Basically I love getting a reminder of the past with things I used to love to do as a kid for play while not realizing playing was keeping me fit and knowing I can add it in now to spice up my workouts, do routines that don’t hurt current body issues and possibly get that perfectly flat ab thing I covet. Yes, I am coveting flat abs. Flat abs have not worked out the way I want them yet…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working on it.

Have any of you ever done Hoop Dancing?

Stay Healthy


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