Does The Cover Define You? ~ Part 1

I am big on not judging a book by its cover. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will be. So when people put a huge emphasis on “must dress this way or wear makeup every day” I tend to shake my head and brush it off.

Makeup breaks me out so I am more of a special occasion, or photographic event type of makeup wearer. I like to buy the pretty stuff but I don’t wear it. Waste of money? Probably, but I get requests to help do makeup even when I don’t wear it often. I do know how to do it :).

So I started thinking about this people judging people based on their outer appearance thing. It’s not new really. People always judge by looks, be that skin color, hair styles or weight. But The outfit?—Does it really make a difference in how a person is treated?


I notice when I’m dressed to the nines in a dress I have designed, even without makeup on, I get better treatment at the grocery store and even the home improvement sores. Even if I’m just wearing a store bought summer maxi there is no shortage of, “do you need help,” and “you look nice,” type of comments from employees. Heck, I went to the market once and had to try to climb the shelves to get something off the top. Some guy, who didn’t even know me and was pushing his own cart, decided to stop and help me without my asking. I know how to climb the shelves as I have to do it often given my height. What I find interesting is the unsolicited help I get if I’m climbing it if I went into the store before going for a workout vs. if I’m wearing a dress.

blog photoWhen I’m dressed to the nines I get more help, the employees seem to flock over to help me. My mother gets this too. I told her that I think they think we’re somebody there to monitor the store and report back to somebody important or something because if I just go in with jeans, tennis shoes and the overall “on my way for a workout” look, I do not get this kind of attention.

blog photo 2I find it interesting how people judge based on looks. I could be glammed out better than a Hollywood starlight and still be the biggest witch west of the Mississippi. Clothes don’t make a person, yet if you look a certain way you are more likely to get people falling at your feet to help you.


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