Wednesday Work It Out

It is a hectic week for me…one of those weeks when the to-do list is not getting done because of everything else that pops up and Needs to be done. But just because life gets hectic it doesn’t mean that workouts should be abandoned.

This morning, though a shorter workout than usual, I added in the Bridal Babe Workout which I like for the toning, and some of the ab moves can get me a little winded which feels good to me.

This workout can be done without weights, with light weights, or with the weights in the poundage she mentions which is anything from 5 to 15 pounds. If you don’t have weights but want to use some you can always use cans of food, bottled water or something similar until you can get your weights. If you don’t want to use weights you can still do this workout without them.

As always, workout safely, pay attention to your body and know when to modify something if it is causing you pain.

Stay Healthy


Friday Facial

I know this is the Beauty, Health and Fashion blog but I talk more health than any of the other topics. So today I am going to hit the other side of the blog by talking beauty.

What is in my beauty bag for today?

This Facial



The  first time I tried a facial like this I did not like the mask because it’s awkward to get on. I still don’t like the awkward structure of it, but I did like the feel of my face while it was on.The moisture is cool and comforting all at the same time.

This particular mask I got while looking for my sensitive skin facial exfoliating pad. Um…did I mention I tend to buy things just because they’re on sale sometimes? I seriously need to stop doing that.

At any rate, I got three different ones to try. This one is supposed to brighten the skin. The packaging mentions helping fade dark spots, even skin tone, etc. I just wanted to try it out and I will admit after using it and pulling the mask off my skin did feel refreshed. I massaged in the excess product as directed and I did think my face looked more refreshed. I base the look in comparison to my neck and ears since this mask is shaped for the face and does not go everywhere.

I did rub some of the product on my neck too. If I bought another one of these facial masks I would definitely put this one on my list. The other two I haven’t tried yet, but I will let you know whenever I do how they compare. If you have already tried them or are going to try them let me know how they work for you.

Stay Beautiful


The Road to Completion

Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like doing something you know needs to be done? I have. Lately I have been feeling like that a lot. That book is so going to get finished…eventually. That cover is so going to get made…eventually. Yeah, writing seems to be in the back seat. Worse, I cannot concentrate on schoolwork to study for the final. So what’s a woman to do?


I find it interesting how in the military there is no room for “yeah, I don’t feel like it today,” to be used as an excuse and I think that’s more about discipline. Feel like it or not if it has to be done it gets done.

Sometimes being disciplined enough to get tasks completed helps to pave the path for success, and also to push a person to go outside their comfort zone.

I need to up my discipline and reorganize my schedule not letting the important things fall off into the hour of too tired to do it.

First up is working out. I do this every day but I am setting new goals that I hope to reach by my birthday so I am going to have to really focus on hitting it hard no matter how much I might want to do the same yoga routines (they are good, but too familiar routines and needs a bit of change).

Next up is school. Yes, I am tired of prepping, especially when I cannot focus, but I figure if I push it harder in smaller increments during the day I just might be ready for this test after the holiday.

After that is language studies. Not that I need much help with doing that because it is kind of a religiously done thing now. I refuse to break my streak by missing a day again.

Overall, on the days I don’t feel like it or just don’t want to I am going to have to rely on discipline to force me to jump into the activity and get it done. That might help with finishing this knitted sweater I’m working on too.

How do you make sure you get everything that needs to be done actually done?

Build the World You Want to See

I am not a TV viewer at this point in my life. I only catch glimpses if my mom is watching NCIS on her computer. Every now and again I run across rants on sites about shows and the dysfunction that haunts them.

I can understand their concern. Those dysfunctional  images can take root and grow like a cancer.

  • It’s kind of like that guy who always plays the bad guy in movies to the point that when you see him in a new movie you know he’s going to be the killer. The image that is constantly put out is the image that sticks.

I remember when Scandal came out. I checked it out because I wanted to see how this exciting job of fixing things went. Kerry Washington is gorgeous, and I am intrigued by fixing things (I was a psychology major once upon a time). I lost interest in the show for many reasons. But I get some of the complaints for the depiction of the character on the show. It is true that some people have their heads so stuck in fiction that they cannot step out and see reality. Humans are not a monolith, the world is not a fictional place, and nobody is perfect.

When I see constant ramblings on how fictional characters can hurt the general non fictional woman’s/man’s image I get it…but I often wonder why, instead of complaining online, that some of these people don’t just start creating their own fictional worlds.

If you don’t like something, fix it.

For me that was writing. I have been writing for many moons. Early in my fictional writing world my worlds were related to my real life world and the people in them on some point, but didn’t look like me, or the world around me in physical characteristics/world observations/etc. and I changed that quickly. I may not be the next Brenda Jackson or Linda Howard, but I wrote what I believed in…I didn’t sit around complaining that it wasn’t there; I worked to make it be there for me and I shared…eventually shared that is.

If you hate TV shows’ portrayal of women, black women, the world at large, then write something better and find a way to make it happen.

YouTube is huge so if you’re already on there in some fashion, or want to be, grab a camera, feed your friends in exchange for their time and create your world, film it and let us in.

Enjoy the journey; life is too short to get stuck in misery.


Spring Exits with a Bang

Spring left on a not so lovely bang. I have come to believe that things happen for a reason, even if we do not always understand the reason. However I can see a reason in why my last day of spring was the most depressing and scary day I have had in a very long time.

You see while driving I got a flat tire. I keep a full spare in my trunk, plus the doughnut. I do not know the art of changing tires but there I was pulling out my stuff and planning to figure it out. You know, loosen the bolts before jacking up the car. Yes, my jack is the one that came with the car and no I do not know where to put it or how to use it but I figured I could figure that out. The more cars that drove by and nobody bothered to even see if the lady wearing the dress with a purl collar and the woman with the lace dress on might need a little help the more I thought I am so going to have to do this. The cops are never around here when you need them…really, they’re not.


Anyway, a nice lady asked if I wanted to use her phone. No I do not have a cell phone. I very rarely leave the house but I knew I would have to get one for my new career but I haven’t gotten it yet.

Anyway, while I was thinking of how people don’t help people anymore I was happy that she, not even knowing me, offered me her phone to use. Then a guy riding his bike asked my mother if we needed help. That was nice because you know you just get computers when you call for help and I hadn’t gotten the computer to connect me to a human at that point.

The really nice guy had trouble with the task but no worries, another guy in a truck pulled up, got out and helped. Nice guy and oddly enough his first name is the last name of a character in my recently completed short story I mentioned the other day.

So tire changed, he told me to stop at the gas station and put more air in the spare…but, it wasn’t fully on right so while driving my tire popped off the car.

slider-154174_1280What surprised me was that this lovely woman from Memphis told her daughter to stop because we might need help. A lady who is a firefighter stopped to help. She was going to change the tire until she saw that the tire was off. She called her husband and he came to help. And low and behold, a cop finally turned up.

I was also amazed that the people who stopped to help were either coming from church or on their way to it. The people who passed us by knowing we needed help were actually people in the same Christian congregation as my mother. Only two people (husband and wife) who are in the congregation with her spotted her on her walk back to find the missing parts and they helped.

Things that it reminded me of is that I am seriously correct in:

  1. People don’t help people as much as they used to…but there are still some who will.
  2. People who claim their religion is superior to others and they are more loving than others are so full of it…because they’re not.
  3. Cops are never around when you need them.

We survived…but my car needs the tire put back on and the cop that did come by said I should get the breaks checked to make sure they didn’t get damaged when the tire decided to take a holiday.

Here’s hoping summer gets off with something good because I prefer not to be shaken or stirred this season.

Happy Summer you all!

Soft Yellow Rose

Changes on Board

First and foremost, for those of you who celebrate Father’s Day, it’s tomorrow (19th) so don’t forget. I know life gets chaotic sometimes so forgetting of holidays could be easy. And if you don’t celebrate holidays (like me) you can still call your father to say hello,

cocktail-518712_1920The day after that is the first day of summer in some portions of the world. I’m trying to think of what my least favorite season is but I cannot really pick one. I suppose during the season every season could turn into my least favorite if I thought about all the things I hated about the season.

Enjoy your summer–vacations, longer summer day hours, festivals, reading new books, and whatever else brings you joy during the summer.

My mom pressed my hair for me yesterday. The great thing is that she said she will do it for me after every wash if I want. I do want. I have been trying to get used to this curly thing but curly just isn’t me. On the other end of that, I got kind of use to seeing the thickness of my hair so pressed out it lays flatter and I’m not so sure what I think of that right now, but I do love that I can play with the styles I used to do while relaxed so I’m going to take her up on her offer. Plus, I have new flat irons I should try out sometime in the next couple weeks or so. I know they work and they are far better than any of the ones I bought before (temp control and all,) but I have not used them on my hair yet.


Flat irons I can use (straightening combs…not so much.) My mom is good with the combs though.

I finished a knitted summer sweater that can be used as a cover up (even on beaches) and I will have information up on that soon.

New season and new changes on board feels rather invigorating.

Have a great weekend you all.

Tuesday Again

If you’re lucky enough to wake up breathing Tuesday will always come again for you. Well Tuesday will come no matter what your breathing status is.

Since you woke up breathing today be sure to make the best of your day. Is there something you really want to do today? If so, and it’s legal, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Take a moment for yourself at least once today to reconnect with who you are and where your journey is taking you.

For me, while I never thought of working out each day as part of the journey, it really is. I enjoy doing yoga, some cardio, toning exercises. I never really think of them as a “must” type thing. I love doing it, and always have really. It’s fun for me and not a laborious task at all. I guess that would make it one of the finer parts of my journey—being able to do something I love to do at least once a day.

I look back on my life and sometimes wish I could go back and change a few things. But the past is the past, unchangeable, but always teachable.

The comfort I can have is knowing that every day that I wake up is a new day with no mistakes in it—yet. It’s a new day just waiting for me to make the best of it in little ways that can lead to something great on a larger scale.

I hope that your today, your tomorrow and your every day after can give you hope, peace and happiness.

Stay Healthy

Vegetable Basket

The Truth About Counting

“I don’t count calories.” Yes, I said that and I don’t, but today I decided to see just how many calories I would be eating for breakfast. My option to do this after a great TIU workout and at home cardio workout was mostly because I looked at the side of a box and realized it was less calories than it would be had I had the ingredients to make the vegetable broth myself from scratch this time instead of using the organic vegetable broth on hand.

Since I had already taken the raisins out and had to dig behind the walnuts (I don’t really like those) to get to what I needed I figured I would add it to my broth breakfast. Usually I do green smoothies but I am trying something else out for a little while and will move my smoothie to an early lunch or use it for dinner. Anyway, looking at the label on the raisins and the walnuts I realized two things:

  1. Raisins are a lot more calories for such a small amount than I thought.
  2. I eat far more than one serving of raisins when I eat them.

I cut the 1/4 cup calorie count by doing 1/8 cup instead. Yes, I did measure out the 1/8 cup which is how I know I eat a lot more raisins than that usually. I also cut the walnuts in half the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you are not trying to lose weight, I guess, but counting is rather enlightening on just what is going into the body in contrast to what is being worked off.

The Truth about Counting

It’s good for some things, and if you are watching your weight or wondering why you’re gaining weight it might help to see how many calories are going into each meal on things that don’t really fill you up.

Stay Healthy

*I actually got the broth breakfast idea while considering a juice fast week a long time ago and revisited it while looking for something online and finding the Dr. Oz vegetable broth article <if you can call it that>. Of course his article did not mention eating anything else, but to drink loads of broth all day. I think it was a rapid weight loss thing or something. Since I won’t be doing broth only I will not be able to tell you if you can drop weight fast doing a broth breakfast.


Another Friday

Friday has been mostly good to me. I finished one of my knitted projects this morning. Really I just had to size it up and finish putting it together, but it’s done and I am on to the next project (not for me, but still suggested that I get it done). The backyard is cut, I got Pilates in too and the clothes should be finished washing sooner rather than later.

The great thing about Friday is the fact that I can look back and see what I was able to check off my to-do list and feel great about getting it done. Of course Saturday and Sunday have their own to-do list but I’ll count those on Monday.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Monday Kickoff

I did Pilates last time I blogged and while I didn’t feel it right away I certainly felt it the next morning in my abs. So this morning I had thought of doing it again but I started with yoga for my morning in bed routine and then took it to the floor for a higher intensity session using a few yoga routines. By the time I finished that I opted not to do Pilates this morning, but if I have time later I will get a late afternoon session in…if not I will have to put it on my tomorrow list.

I started the week (Sunday) well by finishing a project I was working on for my mom. I thought of something I would want to make for the store but I know my mom is really pushing me to finally make something for myself so I shall make something for myself ( a couple somethings that have been on the list) and then I’ll go from there.

Of course this is now Monday and my week break from school is over. I have to hit it hard the next few weeks and prep for finals. I also need to get all my state docs prepared so I can get approved to take the state test. So much to do, but I am staying positive and looking forward to the next step in my life.

By way of Monday kickoffs I think I have a solid plan for the week and I am trying to stick to it.

Yoga ~ Pilates

Stay Healthy