Hit It Hard

This is the latest first workout I have done but this morning was busy and I had some personal things I had to work around so I was contemplating just skipping today. But seriously, when working on a goal hit it hard or don’t hit it at all.

30 minutes in room cardio–love doing some of this to epic music and while this isn’t the one I used I will try to remember to do this one tomorrow.

TIU Bikini Routine

A little resistance band toning exercises followed by a short series of yoga stretches and I felt awesome. This is why I use the morning for my workouts, I think, because it kicks the day off with something that invigorates my body for the entire day. And there is that thing of getting it done before the rest of the day can take over.

Pilates workout…I haven’t done this one yet, but it’s on my radar for tomorrow.

Next Up

A late green smoothie.

I love working out!

Stay Healthy




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