When Your Lips Make You Feel Super Sexa’

Some of you might remember because I am almost certain it was this blog I talked about the lipstick on. I did not like this lipstick after trying it. It’s called Black Orchid, but it’s black—totally black. I love the color black but not on my lips. But it was only $1 so I chalked it up to money spent to try something out, but lost since I didn’t like it. Well, times they are a changin’.

The Accidental Lips

My first time back to trying this lipstick was an accident. I pulled my fave of the liners out and grabbed a lipstick that I thought was the one my mother had given me a while back. Well…I pulled the right liner and the wrong lipstick. There I am, shading my lips with the liner and getting ready to create a new color with the other lipstick when the lipstick goes on darker. Of course I had that, “this doesn’t look like the lipstick, but sure I’ll put more on because maybe I just am not seeing it right in this light.” It still didn’t look like the lipstick and when I finally assessed the name on the bottom, and the overall tube, I realized it was the wrong one. It looked okay, but adding a bit of my Elf Pout Enhancer really took it to my “oh yeah,” status.

No makeup other than the lips, but still loving the look.

Today I felt so super sexa’ with this lipstick on. Of course it could be my entire look. White pants, a mint colored form fitting top–not quite t-shirt but the buttons are gorgeous and really dress the top up, my favorite of my wigs, an old beaded hair clip, jewelry like I never really wear because I’m more of a buy not wear kind of person, and my heels that weren’t made for walking. Yep, sexy is so what I felt.

It’s really good to feel good about yourself. I’m glad I went the extra mile with jazzing up my lips while pulling out the jewelry and the heels. Will I do this again? Maybe. Tomorrow is a new day and there is a hat callin’ my name.

Stay Beautiful



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