This workout may not be for everybody.

I have done Pilates before but I do yoga more. I like that with Pilates there is a longer, leaner muscles look than a bulky look. I do not like bulky for myself which is why I am not a fan of weights and if I use weights they are always light mixed in with toning exercises.

When the lady instructing this workout starts with the warmup she mentions how dancers do not use weights–I think she’s focusing on ballet as I know of some who definitely do not use weights.

Anyway, I just found and tried this Pilates workout. It is an hour long but I did not get all the way through. Reading some of the comments I see I am not alone in that. This workout is harder. If you are advanced Pilates then you might not have a problem. Intermediate status may find it a little rough. Intermediate who hasn’t done as much lately might find it a bit harder to complete than the previous and a beginner will more than likely find this to be a rather difficult routine. It’s doable, but as always remember to pay attention to your body and modify moves if need be. If you have problems with your neck you can use your hands for support, or you can also try keeping your head down while you do the moves. It can still work with the modifications.

As I already mentioned, I did not make it through the entire workout but I am going to try to change my location to some area of the house with more room for some of the moves next time. With hopes, I can make it a little deeper into the routine. Maybe I can take it from 20 minutes and advance it to 30 or 35 next time. I will work up to the full hour.

If you try this let me know in the comments what you thought of the workout and if you felt it while you worked or felt it later in the day.

Stay Healthy


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