Monday Kickoff

I did Pilates last time I blogged and while I didn’t feel it right away I certainly felt it the next morning in my abs. So this morning I had thought of doing it again but I started with yoga for my morning in bed routine and then took it to the floor for a higher intensity session using a few yoga routines. By the time I finished that I opted not to do Pilates this morning, but if I have time later I will get a late afternoon session in…if not I will have to put it on my tomorrow list.

I started the week (Sunday) well by finishing a project I was working on for my mom. I thought of something I would want to make for the store but I know my mom is really pushing me to finally make something for myself so I shall make something for myself ( a couple somethings that have been on the list) and then I’ll go from there.

Of course this is now Monday and my week break from school is over. I have to hit it hard the next few weeks and prep for finals. I also need to get all my state docs prepared so I can get approved to take the state test. So much to do, but I am staying positive and looking forward to the next step in my life.

By way of Monday kickoffs I think I have a solid plan for the week and I am trying to stick to it.

Yoga ~ Pilates

Stay Healthy



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