Vegetable Basket

The Truth About Counting

“I don’t count calories.” Yes, I said that and I don’t, but today I decided to see just how many calories I would be eating for breakfast. My option to do this after a great TIU workout and at home cardio workout was mostly because I looked at the side of a box and realized it was less calories than it would be had I had the ingredients to make the vegetable broth myself from scratch this time instead of using the organic vegetable broth on hand.

Since I had already taken the raisins out and had to dig behind the walnuts (I don’t really like those) to get to what I needed I figured I would add it to my broth breakfast. Usually I do green smoothies but I am trying something else out for a little while and will move my smoothie to an early lunch or use it for dinner. Anyway, looking at the label on the raisins and the walnuts I realized two things:

  1. Raisins are a lot more calories for such a small amount than I thought.
  2. I eat far more than one serving of raisins when I eat them.

I cut the 1/4 cup calorie count by doing 1/8 cup instead. Yes, I did measure out the 1/8 cup which is how I know I eat a lot more raisins than that usually. I also cut the walnuts in half the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you are not trying to lose weight, I guess, but counting is rather enlightening on just what is going into the body in contrast to what is being worked off.

The Truth about Counting

It’s good for some things, and if you are watching your weight or wondering why you’re gaining weight it might help to see how many calories are going into each meal on things that don’t really fill you up.

Stay Healthy

*I actually got the broth breakfast idea while considering a juice fast week a long time ago and revisited it while looking for something online and finding the Dr. Oz vegetable broth article <if you can call it that>. Of course his article did not mention eating anything else, but to drink loads of broth all day. I think it was a rapid weight loss thing or something. Since I won’t be doing broth only I will not be able to tell you if you can drop weight fast doing a broth breakfast.



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