Tuesday Again

If you’re lucky enough to wake up breathing Tuesday will always come again for you. Well Tuesday will come no matter what your breathing status is.

Since you woke up breathing today be sure to make the best of your day. Is there something you really want to do today? If so, and it’s legal, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Take a moment for yourself at least once today to reconnect with who you are and where your journey is taking you.

For me, while I never thought of working out each day as part of the journey, it really is. I enjoy doing yoga, some cardio, toning exercises. I never really think of them as a “must” type thing. I love doing it, and always have really. It’s fun for me and not a laborious task at all. I guess that would make it one of the finer parts of my journey—being able to do something I love to do at least once a day.

I look back on my life and sometimes wish I could go back and change a few things. But the past is the past, unchangeable, but always teachable.

The comfort I can have is knowing that every day that I wake up is a new day with no mistakes in it—yet. It’s a new day just waiting for me to make the best of it in little ways that can lead to something great on a larger scale.

I hope that your today, your tomorrow and your every day after can give you hope, peace and happiness.

Stay Healthy


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