Spring Exits with a Bang

Spring left on a not so lovely bang. I have come to believe that things happen for a reason, even if we do not always understand the reason. However I can see a reason in why my last day of spring was the most depressing and scary day I have had in a very long time.

You see while driving I got a flat tire. I keep a full spare in my trunk, plus the doughnut. I do not know the art of changing tires but there I was pulling out my stuff and planning to figure it out. You know, loosen the bolts before jacking up the car. Yes, my jack is the one that came with the car and no I do not know where to put it or how to use it but I figured I could figure that out. The more cars that drove by and nobody bothered to even see if the lady wearing the dress with a purl collar and the woman with the lace dress on might need a little help the more I thought I am so going to have to do this. The cops are never around here when you need them…really, they’re not.


Anyway, a nice lady asked if I wanted to use her phone. No I do not have a cell phone. I very rarely leave the house but I knew I would have to get one for my new career but I haven’t gotten it yet.

Anyway, while I was thinking of how people don’t help people anymore I was happy that she, not even knowing me, offered me her phone to use. Then a guy riding his bike asked my mother if we needed help. That was nice because you know you just get computers when you call for help and I hadn’t gotten the computer to connect me to a human at that point.

The really nice guy had trouble with the task but no worries, another guy in a truck pulled up, got out and helped. Nice guy and oddly enough his first name is the last name of a character in my recently completed short story I mentioned the other day.

So tire changed, he told me to stop at the gas station and put more air in the spare…but, it wasn’t fully on right so while driving my tire popped off the car.

slider-154174_1280What surprised me was that this lovely woman from Memphis told her daughter to stop because we might need help. A lady who is a firefighter stopped to help. She was going to change the tire until she saw that the tire was off. She called her husband and he came to help. And low and behold, a cop finally turned up.

I was also amazed that the people who stopped to help were either coming from church or on their way to it. The people who passed us by knowing we needed help were actually people in the same Christian congregation as my mother. Only two people (husband and wife) who are in the congregation with her spotted her on her walk back to find the missing parts and they helped.

Things that it reminded me of is that I am seriously correct in:

  1. People don’t help people as much as they used to…but there are still some who will.
  2. People who claim their religion is superior to others and they are more loving than others are so full of it…because they’re not.
  3. Cops are never around when you need them.

We survived…but my car needs the tire put back on and the cop that did come by said I should get the breaks checked to make sure they didn’t get damaged when the tire decided to take a holiday.

Here’s hoping summer gets off with something good because I prefer not to be shaken or stirred this season.

Happy Summer you all!

Soft Yellow Rose


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