Build the World You Want to See

I am not a TV viewer at this point in my life. I only catch glimpses if my mom is watching NCIS on her computer. Every now and again I run across rants on sites about shows and the dysfunction that haunts them.

I can understand their concern. Those dysfunctional  images can take root and grow like a cancer.

  • It’s kind of like that guy who always plays the bad guy in movies to the point that when you see him in a new movie you know he’s going to be the killer. The image that is constantly put out is the image that sticks.

I remember when Scandal came out. I checked it out because I wanted to see how this exciting job of fixing things went. Kerry Washington is gorgeous, and I am intrigued by fixing things (I was a psychology major once upon a time). I lost interest in the show for many reasons. But I get some of the complaints for the depiction of the character on the show. It is true that some people have their heads so stuck in fiction that they cannot step out and see reality. Humans are not a monolith, the world is not a fictional place, and nobody is perfect.

When I see constant ramblings on how fictional characters can hurt the general non fictional woman’s/man’s image I get it…but I often wonder why, instead of complaining online, that some of these people don’t just start creating their own fictional worlds.

If you don’t like something, fix it.

For me that was writing. I have been writing for many moons. Early in my fictional writing world my worlds were related to my real life world and the people in them on some point, but didn’t look like me, or the world around me in physical characteristics/world observations/etc. and I changed that quickly. I may not be the next Brenda Jackson or Linda Howard, but I wrote what I believed in…I didn’t sit around complaining that it wasn’t there; I worked to make it be there for me and I shared…eventually shared that is.

If you hate TV shows’ portrayal of women, black women, the world at large, then write something better and find a way to make it happen.

YouTube is huge so if you’re already on there in some fashion, or want to be, grab a camera, feed your friends in exchange for their time and create your world, film it and let us in.

Enjoy the journey; life is too short to get stuck in misery.



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