The Road to Completion

Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like doing something you know needs to be done? I have. Lately I have been feeling like that a lot. That book is so going to get finished…eventually. That cover is so going to get made…eventually. Yeah, writing seems to be in the back seat. Worse, I cannot concentrate on schoolwork to study for the final. So what’s a woman to do?


I find it interesting how in the military there is no room for “yeah, I don’t feel like it today,” to be used as an excuse and I think that’s more about discipline. Feel like it or not if it has to be done it gets done.

Sometimes being disciplined enough to get tasks completed helps to pave the path for success, and also to push a person to go outside their comfort zone.

I need to up my discipline and reorganize my schedule not letting the important things fall off into the hour of too tired to do it.

First up is working out. I do this every day but I am setting new goals that I hope to reach by my birthday so I am going to have to really focus on hitting it hard no matter how much I might want to do the same yoga routines (they are good, but too familiar routines and needs a bit of change).

Next up is school. Yes, I am tired of prepping, especially when I cannot focus, but I figure if I push it harder in smaller increments during the day I just might be ready for this test after the holiday.

After that is language studies. Not that I need much help with doing that because it is kind of a religiously done thing now. I refuse to break my streak by missing a day again.

Overall, on the days I don’t feel like it or just don’t want to I am going to have to rely on discipline to force me to jump into the activity and get it done. That might help with finishing this knitted sweater I’m working on too.

How do you make sure you get everything that needs to be done actually done?


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