Friday Facial

I know this is the Beauty, Health and Fashion blog but I talk more health than any of the other topics. So today I am going to hit the other side of the blog by talking beauty.

What is in my beauty bag for today?

This Facial



The  first time I tried a facial like this I did not like the mask because it’s awkward to get on. I still don’t like the awkward structure of it, but I did like the feel of my face while it was on.The moisture is cool and comforting all at the same time.

This particular mask I got while looking for my sensitive skin facial exfoliating pad. Um…did I mention I tend to buy things just because they’re on sale sometimes? I seriously need to stop doing that.

At any rate, I got three different ones to try. This one is supposed to brighten the skin. The packaging mentions helping fade dark spots, even skin tone, etc. I just wanted to try it out and I will admit after using it and pulling the mask off my skin did feel refreshed. I massaged in the excess product as directed and I did think my face looked more refreshed. I base the look in comparison to my neck and ears since this mask is shaped for the face and does not go everywhere.

I did rub some of the product on my neck too. If I bought another one of these facial masks I would definitely put this one on my list. The other two I haven’t tried yet, but I will let you know whenever I do how they compare. If you have already tried them or are going to try them let me know how they work for you.

Stay Beautiful



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