Wednesday Work It Out

It is a hectic week for me…one of those weeks when the to-do list is not getting done because of everything else that pops up and Needs to be done. But just because life gets hectic it doesn’t mean that workouts should be abandoned.

This morning, though a shorter workout than usual, I added in the Bridal Babe Workout which I like for the toning, and some of the ab moves can get me a little winded which feels good to me.

This workout can be done without weights, with light weights, or with the weights in the poundage she mentions which is anything from 5 to 15 pounds. If you don’t have weights but want to use some you can always use cans of food, bottled water or something similar until you can get your weights. If you don’t want to use weights you can still do this workout without them.

As always, workout safely, pay attention to your body and know when to modify something if it is causing you pain.

Stay Healthy


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