Weekend Magic

I know I have been a little absent from here for a little while but I had finals. Yes, finals. I passed! Yay! I wanted to blog about it earlier but I didn’t want to tell everybody else before I had a chance to tell my father and he was out of town so I couldn’t reach him at home. Now that I have told him I can mention it here. Finals are over and I passed!

So what’s next?

State test prep. I have to get approved to take the test first but I also have to take it and pass it before I can get my license. I have to get my license before I can go to work in the industry. It’s a revolving headache but getting in the door is a stepping stone I am trying my best to climb over.

Outside of passing and finishing school I started back writing. No, not on a story that is already in progress–on a new one. This one is really feeding me the story and it’s going well thus far.

Have you ever been writing, write a scene and then in less than a half our after shut down have to turn the computer back on because you have decided that is not how you want the story to go?

Have you ever started writing and then decided the other characters need a story too?

SEALs-of-Honor-titleBoth things happened to me with this story. First, I figured it would be a short story like my new release SEALs of Honor that has two shorts in one book. But the movie started playing in my head and the characters did not like my “short story” idea so they kept feeding me their story. Then came the other characters who totally need their story–two of them at least, and so I have been plotting. Best to finish the first story first though.

I honestly hate reading long books now–especially on a digital device. I don’t know, when  I was younger and curled up with a print book I didn’t care how long the book was; I just kept reading without even thinking about what time it was. But now I really don’t have the desire to read super long books that give me the same information over and over again. I think because I prefer reading novellas and some shorts that I gravitate toward those now.

Anyway, my days are now going to be filled with:

  1. State license test prep.
  2. Irish ~ Does anybody following my blog speak Irish? I don’t know anybody who does and I really would love to use what I’ve learned and keep learning so I can get better. If you speak it and you don’t mind conversing a little with a person who doesn’t speak a whole lot chat me up, please.
  3. Last but not least…Writing. I hope to have the rough draft of this book, however long it chooses to be, done in a week because I know me and if it’s over a week I’m sure another movie will start playing in my head that I just have to write.

Anyway, the last of my good news is that I met another goal–200 by Autumn. I did over 200 miles. I’m going to stop counting now though.

I hope all is well on your end. Enjoy the week ahead everybody.


If It Can Be Done…

…I’m sure I’ll be the one to do it.

How anybody can royally mess up an almost finished project in under four hours bewilders me…but I can obviously do it. I did just that this morning. What I could have been finished with by tomorrow afternoon I now have to start at least three days of work back over again. Oh, and did I mention that I am not sure yet if I fixed enough to move on without interruption? Yeah, I decided to step away for the day because I seriously need the hiatus from this project before I find myself having to start over from the beginning.

I did finally get one thing yesterday, however, and that would be the lipsticks I ordered. I know…no more makeup! But, in my defense, I have wanted these Missy Lynn lipsticks for a while now.

I tried Slay and L’Amour. Now the I’m lazy today way of trying them on was to put Slay on my bottom lip and L’Amour on my top lip. But I tend to blend and mate my lips as I smooth the lipstick color the way I want it so that resulted in me making up Slay-L’Amour…which really did not give me a true feel for what they would look like separate. I had a glimpse, but I like the blend so I could go either way I guess.



The lipsticks mentioned here along with the other colors in the line can be found here: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/missy-lynn-color-lock-lipsticks

Stay Beautiful


Bed Workouts

I came across these videos when looking online and I have only done the one thus far (this morning) but will definitely try to add the others that I found too.

I like doing Yoga in bed in the morning before getting out and doing a cardio workout of cardio yoga or something else before adding in specific toning exercises. That’s not to say I don’t get out of bed before working out. There is teeth brushing and grabbing the computer as I do not sleep with it on my bed, so I do pull myself out of bed with just a few stretches to get my body ready to stand upright. Yoga from bed without the computer is easy since I have been doing yoga long enough to know the positions but I like to sometimes put on epic music for the cardio work so having the computer nearby is good when kicking off the morning workout series so I don’t have to break my flow to go get it out the other room.

Here are the working out in bed videos that I have found:


Fat Burning

I did the abs video that is about 5 minutes. I have not done the fat burning one yet, but maybe later today after I get some work done. There is another one I want to check out and I’ll list it if I find a few more to go with it.

Stay Healthy

Dress the Mood

There are things I already know, but conveniently ignore, and one of those things is dressing the mood.

By dressing the mood I mean waking up and doing the usual things that are always done but going a step beyond that and instead of putting on clothes I wouldn’t step out the house in even if I was going out to bring the trash can back to the garage (i.e. shorts), putting on clothes that I wouldn’t mind making that unplanned run to the store in.

When I go out I am dressed the part, and while I don’t see anything spectacular about the everyday outfit I always draw attention and compliments. I attribute this not only to looking different than the others around me, but also to the fact that I feel put together in style, even if I am not wearing makeup. That confidence, that sense of feeling free in my environment, brings an air of happiness and peace that radiates out. I am, in essence, dressing my mood.

Life has so many depressing things in it, and sometimes you may find yourself surrounded by people who prefer to see the negative of the world instead of just looking outward and finding something positive. But, even if you land around a bunch of negatives you can always dress your mood by looking your best which will help you feel your best and add the perfect sway to your steps to bring out the sun. If you believe it, they believe it.

Stay Beautifully Fashionable.

Fashion Friday

Hey there and happy July. The year is moving along as strange as always, but there is something good about knowing another day has led us into yet another month and the world is still here willing to house us all.

Anyway, today is going to be a Fashion Friday. I was thinking of a Facial Friday but my mother has done so much work for the store and I want to showcase some of it. I also added a couple new summer knit sweaters too.

For Men

(I know…ladies first but I have more products for men this time.)

My favorite is the red tie set…I love certain shades of red so that one being my absolute fave isn’t really a surprise, but I do like them all. They are available with other products for men in the Fashionably Capri Etsy Store.

For Women

Two new products for women are up in the store. The pastel knit summer sweater that can also be used as a cover up is available in M-L size. The red and orange knit summer sweater-cover up is also available in M-L but has a matching petite child size that comes in this Mother-Daughter combo. The children’s size is for small children.

All products, plus others, can be found in the Fashionably Capri Etsy Store.