Dress the Mood

There are things I already know, but conveniently ignore, and one of those things is dressing the mood.

By dressing the mood I mean waking up and doing the usual things that are always done but going a step beyond that and instead of putting on clothes I wouldn’t step out the house in even if I was going out to bring the trash can back to the garage (i.e. shorts), putting on clothes that I wouldn’t mind making that unplanned run to the store in.

When I go out I am dressed the part, and while I don’t see anything spectacular about the everyday outfit I always draw attention and compliments. I attribute this not only to looking different than the others around me, but also to the fact that I feel put together in style, even if I am not wearing makeup. That confidence, that sense of feeling free in my environment, brings an air of happiness and peace that radiates out. I am, in essence, dressing my mood.

Life has so many depressing things in it, and sometimes you may find yourself surrounded by people who prefer to see the negative of the world instead of just looking outward and finding something positive. But, even if you land around a bunch of negatives you can always dress your mood by looking your best which will help you feel your best and add the perfect sway to your steps to bring out the sun. If you believe it, they believe it.

Stay Beautifully Fashionable.


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