Bed Workouts

I came across these videos when looking online and I have only done the one thus far (this morning) but will definitely try to add the others that I found too.

I like doing Yoga in bed in the morning before getting out and doing a cardio workout of cardio yoga or something else before adding in specific toning exercises. That’s not to say I don’t get out of bed before working out. There is teeth brushing and grabbing the computer as I do not sleep with it on my bed, so I do pull myself out of bed with just a few stretches to get my body ready to stand upright. Yoga from bed without the computer is easy since I have been doing yoga long enough to know the positions but I like to sometimes put on epic music for the cardio work so having the computer nearby is good when kicking off the morning workout series so I don’t have to break my flow to go get it out the other room.

Here are the working out in bed videos that I have found:


Fat Burning

I did the abs video that is about 5 minutes. I have not done the fat burning one yet, but maybe later today after I get some work done. There is another one I want to check out and I’ll list it if I find a few more to go with it.

Stay Healthy


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