Weekend Magic

I know I have been a little absent from here for a little while but I had finals. Yes, finals. I passed! Yay! I wanted to blog about it earlier but I didn’t want to tell everybody else before I had a chance to tell my father and he was out of town so I couldn’t reach him at home. Now that I have told him I can mention it here. Finals are over and I passed!

So what’s next?

State test prep. I have to get approved to take the test first but I also have to take it and pass it before I can get my license. I have to get my license before I can go to work in the industry. It’s a revolving headache but getting in the door is a stepping stone I am trying my best to climb over.

Outside of passing and finishing school I started back writing. No, not on a story that is already in progress–on a new one. This one is really feeding me the story and it’s going well thus far.

Have you ever been writing, write a scene and then in less than a half our after shut down have to turn the computer back on because you have decided that is not how you want the story to go?

Have you ever started writing and then decided the other characters need a story too?

SEALs-of-Honor-titleBoth things happened to me with this story. First, I figured it would be a short story like my new release SEALs of Honor that has two shorts in one book. But the movie started playing in my head and the characters did not like my “short story” idea so they kept feeding me their story. Then came the other characters who totally need their story–two of them at least, and so I have been plotting. Best to finish the first story first though.

I honestly hate reading long books now–especially on a digital device. I don’t know, when  I was younger and curled up with a print book I didn’t care how long the book was; I just kept reading without even thinking about what time it was. But now I really don’t have the desire to read super long books that give me the same information over and over again. I think because I prefer reading novellas and some shorts that I gravitate toward those now.

Anyway, my days are now going to be filled with:

  1. State license test prep.
  2. Irish ~ Does anybody following my blog speak Irish? I don’t know anybody who does and I really would love to use what I’ve learned and keep learning so I can get better. If you speak it and you don’t mind conversing a little with a person who doesn’t speak a whole lot chat me up, please.
  3. Last but not least…Writing. I hope to have the rough draft of this book, however long it chooses to be, done in a week because I know me and if it’s over a week I’m sure another movie will start playing in my head that I just have to write.

Anyway, the last of my good news is that I met another goal–200 by Autumn. I did over 200 miles. I’m going to stop counting now though.

I hope all is well on your end. Enjoy the week ahead everybody.



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