Monday Starters

I find that having consistent schedules is a good thing; it not only helps aid in memory of things that need to be done, but it ensures that things get done. Of course sometimes, some things, end up being moved around.

This week for me is a busy, and important, week. Since I had to add something into my schedule I have to move a few other things around. Just because I have to move some things does not mean I have to skip  my workouts. I don’t skip, but I do modify when needed. Like this morning I did the Barre for beginners workout but not my yoga. I moved yoga to my afternoon break…with as busy as this week will be for me I think yoga in the middle of my day would be a good relaxer and a way to loosen my body up. Sitting and studying or working all day is definitely hard on the body.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againOf course on Wednesday I plan to do yoga in the morning to relax my mind and my body in prep for something that is a stressful event. A little workout goes a long way, not just for the shaping of the body, but also for the shaping of ones peaceful mind. I love yoga because while I am holding poses there is no room for worrying about all the things that are going on in my life or things that are to come.

Do you have any specific ways to ensure you get everything done during the day while not stressing about everything that needs to be done?

Stay Healthy

Morning, Noon and Night ~ A Health Diary with Love

I know there are people reading my blogs who are into health, fitness and nutrition and this latest Capri Montgomery release is just for you. If you’re on a new journey, a current journey or you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or family member then Morning, Noon and Night ~ A Health Diary with Love is perfect no matter what year and whatMorning Noon and Night 6x9 title correction month you start your health journey on. This six month book can help you keep tabs, set goals and make note of accomplishments. The quotes and poetic pieces at the My Week in Review section are all original pieces by Capri Montgomery. Photos are also included.

Buy this for yourself, as a gift for somebody else, or both. This health diary can be used Morning, Noon and Night.

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Detox & Workouts

Just a quick update on the water before I get to the workout stuff ;). I did do the Gallon a Day thing yesterday and I did that without counting  my two cups of herbal tea. If I counted those it would have been 2.5 cups over a gallon.

Would I do this again? No. I plan to keep drinking plenty of water but I am not going to put down lines to count how many cups I have had. I am also going to say if you decide to do this do NOT start it if you have to get on the road to anywhere…not even the grocery store. Seriously, a gallon goes in and a lot has to come out. It brings a whole new meaning to that advice I heard as a child, “pee until you pee clear.” Yeah…uh huh.

Now on to the workout.

I am so enjoying the workouts I found while doing the Barre workout I mentioned last time. The one I did today is the 30-Minute Knee Friendly Total Body Barre Workout. You  can do this workout without the light weights if you want, and she does give some tips on modifying some of the moves to suit your body needs and to prevent injury.

I had to laugh at myself because on a couple of the moves I found myself having the ‘are we almost done with this move yet,’ kind of thoughts. And when she mentioned about the person probably being tired I did the audible, “you think,” comment. I love workouts that push me a little (or a lot) more in different ways than the ones I have been doing a lot.

Later today I will do yoga like I ended up doing yesterday.

By way of the Barre workouts I will say if you go to the video linked above it has 22 videos in the playlist so you can pick whichever ones you want to try.

Stay Healthy

Monday Morning Workout

As I sit here and notice my hair looks like a hot mess I am still grateful that I got up and got moving this morning. I was trying to decide if I wanted to do cello first and then workout but I opted for my usual get up and get moving line of events and I had fun. Cardio first this morning and while I considered yoga I wanted to do the Barre exercise again. Um…I didn’t do it. Instead, I did the Core workout which was really good for me.

Things that stuck with me:

  1. “Balance is like a muscle,” she said; and then she mentioned that you have to work it to make it stronger.
  2. She mentioned how people get focused on abs and sometimes neglect their back and she mentioned how important it is to work the back muscles too. I had heard this many moons ago but it’s always nice to know that somebody out there still has videos that try to educate while showing a good workout too.

Outside of working out I am going to try to see how much water I drink a day. I actually (outside of my morning green smoothie) drink water only all day…oh and the two cups of herbal tea that is supposed to help me with something health-wise. I just started the tea though. Anyway, I read about this 1 Gallon per day thing. 1 Gallon is 16 cups U.S. from the research I did to make sure of the correct conversion.

water-1545520_1920I am not sure how much water I drink a day because I do not keep a record. I could be drinking more already, or less. I’m going to try to document it today. The lady who mentioned the challenge mentioned that herbal tea could count, but I don’t know…I suppose it is water with tea, but I am not sure I should count those two cups. What do you think?

I think the water challenge was more about cleaner, acne free and healthier looking, skin but the body does need water to survive so it’s good for more than just improving looks.

Stay Healthy


What to Do

My father said something to me once about how people see things from the outside and decide they want it and should have it but that they never look at the work it took to get it. I think that’s true. Someone might see a woman with the perfect family, the perfect body, the perfect hair…the perfect everything and it’s easy to think of how much you wish you had so much perfect. Worse, it’s easy to start making the standard excuses as to why you don’t have it. For some people they push it off on weight, color, looks in general, but they never stop to think what are they doing to get the things they want, and what does it really take to have what they are looking for.

That is not to say that things aren’t happening in some instances because of the physical things, but if somebody cannot appreciate who you are simply because of what you look like then they are not the right person for you.

couple-407150_1920 (2)

First off, there is No such thing as perfect. The view from the outside might look like heaven in a bottle, but relationships take work. Everything takes work–including that “perfect” body and the “perfect” hair.

When I hear women complaining about things I think, “what are you doing to change it?” Really, what are you doing?

Changing perspective and not constantly tearing oneself apart can actually help change a situation that you want to change.

So, What To Do

  1. Change your outlook to something a little more positively productive. You CAN do this instead of the “can’t” do type thinking.
  2. Figure out what you need to change, or do more of, in order to make the change. Not knowing either of these things is like driving blindfolded–you’re not going to go anywhere productive and you probably won’t survive without being harmed either.
  3. Stop looking at other people and being jealous of the life they have that you don’t have but think you want. Just because it looks great from the outside doesn’t mean it is, and even if it is that doesn’t mean that it will be great for you.
  4. Take ownership of your life and decisions you make. People may try to control other people but the reality is those people aren’t going to be able to live the life they have contorted you into accepting so don’t own it unless you believe in where they are trying to lead you and then as always, lead yourself there willingly.

I hope everybody is having a good August. The year is progressively moving to an end. There may be much that needs to be done but always remember you are the master of your own life, so create the life you want–happy and healthy.

Stay Healthy


Dreaming While Awake Day Planner Available Now

I’m reblogging this. Dreaming While Awake The dateless day planner is my new release. It is a non fiction piece as it is a day planner. There are quotes, recipes, coloring pieces and more.

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Capri Montgomery

Hi. I have been busy working on a few non fiction projects this year and the Dreaming While Awake ~ The dateless day planner is availble on Amazon and CreateSpace.

I am not sure how long the price will be set on Amazon as I had to expand the cost when I opted to expand distribution as the cost was set too low to distribute elsewhere (so they said while I was trying to expand it anyway). At any rate, the other version–Coil Bound version, will be on Lulu as soon as I can sort out the changes they made to the site since I don’t work there often anymore. The Amazon and CreateSpace copies are in color; the Lulu version is only available in black and white at the smaller size but should be in color for the larger size.

At any rate:

Create Space ~ Dreaming While Awake

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On The Barre

I used to dance but I never really did much by way of strictly ballet focused moves outside of a course I took in college. However, I went in search of videos on YouTube to change up my usual yoga and cardio only work. Yes, I will keep doing yoga; I just want to add something to it.

I found this full length Barre workout on YouTube: Barre for Beginners. I remember in one of the dance classes I took as an elective in college how the professor seemed to love to add more ballet to every dance routine than was called for, but the stretching and the moves felt okay to me so I didn’t mind.

Dance class is not all fun and games by the way; you really do have to study the written works too, and the tests were both written and dancing related. To be clear, I took that class because the class I wanted was full. I was already in a dance program elsewhere in the kind of dance I liked to do, but something to mix it up is not a bad thing.

I have not done the workout linked above yet. I just found it this morning and with needed errands on my list for the morning I didn’t want to rush a new routine and jumble it with yoga too. I will try this Barre for Beginners out after I get some needed things taken care of, get back and get into my comfortable workout gear. I think I will have to try this in another room because I am not sure I’ll have enough space in my room.

If you try the workout please let me know what you think of it, or if you know of any other workouts for Barre exercises that might be just as good or batter.

Stay Healthy

Goals to Reality

Math is what I knew right off was what I would have trouble with. No matter how hard I studied there were things I still could not grasp and so I went into each test with the wrong idea. I went in thinking math would be the hardest, that I would probably get every math problem wrong but it is only 10% of the test so as long as I get most of the other stuff right I should be okay. How is that setting myself up for failure? In reality it isn’t but what my mind sees when I get the math problem wrong is “oh, man, I studied that. I got that while I was studying and I missed it this time.”  Every red X after that sent my mind into “you are so going to fail this test,” and that is no way to move toward passing.

Today, after passing the practice test on the first try, I said, “I am going to pass, get my license and then I am going to buy a blouse.” LOL, Yes, I factored in  a treat for passing. Motivation is a good thing after all. No license–no blouse. Get license–buy blouse. Motivation.

I do have other motivating factors and those factors help me forge ahead. It’s kind of like baby steps but not all at the same time. It could be compared to building a house; there are certain things one must have before a house can be started–land, a foundation, etc. So goal setting, turning goals into reality, have steps. One must figure out what their goals are, figure out how to work toward them and then start on the path of working toward them while visualizing success

If you have goals in your life set them, work toward them and visualize obtaining them. If your ultimate goal requires loads of little (or not so little) tasks before the ultimate goal can be pulled into reality, then try rewarding yourself after climbing over the first slab of stone. Maybe it’s a night out, maybe it’s a new pair of socks, maybe it’s kicking back and taking a day off–whatever it is (legal), just do it.


Mondays Are For Working

I’m still prepping to take the state test which I should be able to get a spot in sometime next month. I’m also still doing language studies, writing fiction and working on non fiction related writing projects. When I was younger (no, I’m not super old) I worked all day, every day, and thought nothing of it. What changed? People who love me kept telling me I need to take a break. My mother told me she always missed me. We live in the same house; she should not miss me. She also told me I take on too much. For me this was always normal.

I don’t know if I always had the “life is too short to limit yourself” line of thinking, but I was always the work, work and work some more to get things learned and projects done kind of person. Unfortunately for me I took their advice–take a break they said. Oh boy.

I think breaks could make me lazy. I didn’t take the weekend completely off; in fact I worked on my non fiction projects a lot…but I only studied a little and I didn’t do much fictional writing (a few edits does not much work make). You know, it’s Monday and on my list is study language, and then for the state test and then get those non fictional pieces worked on some more and then knitting because my current project is going to take a long time and will never get done if I do not work on it (ask my two sewing projects if you don’t think I’m accurate on the “never” statement). But you know, I don’t feel like doing any of it. I want to just not study for the test, or do my language studies or write anything. I really just want to do nothing. The problem is that I don’t know how to do that so I am sure I will end up doing something even if I wish I could be lazy today.

It’s Monday though and Mondays are as good as any day to get work done. For those of you going back to work today I hope you have a great, productive and peaceful week at work.

Stay Healthy

Your Responsibility

We have a lot of responsibilities in life. There are the usual bills, food, education and family but we often forget about one of the most important responsibilities we have–ourselves. Your health is your responsibility.

Friends might try to help you but they cannot monitor you day and night like you are a child (unless you legally are a child). They cannot feel what your body feels to know when to tell you to take a break, get some water, cool off or eat.

It’s still summer this area of the world, and in some places it’s still hot, so heat exhaustion and stroke is possible and it is deadly.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion that can be found off line or online–in sites like the CDC, Mayo Clinic, Medicine Net and others, include, but are not limited to:

  • Weakness
  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue

There are other symptoms there that serve as warning signs. Heat exhaustion , if not treated, can lead to heat stroke and death.

Some of the suggested treatments that can be found on numerous sites but I got the ones for this post from are:

  • Stop all activity and rest.
  • Move to a cooler place.
  • Drink cool water or sports drinks.

There is more information on the above sites and others.

It is not possible for a friend or family member to know what you are feeling inside your body while you are out working in the yard, working out, or are in places with higher levels of heat even if you are just sitting outside. You are your responsibility so it is important to listen to your body and take care of yourself.

The sites listed above cover symptoms, some cover more details on what can happen during heat exhaustion and what can result because of it including heat stroke and death. Some of these sites give information on how to avoid heat exhaustion and how to treat heat exhaustion if you, your child who is your responsibility, or somebody you are taking care of starts to experience it. You can always call for help or offer help if somebody you don’t know is in the area with you and you see them near passing out you can know they need help; emergency numbers are easy to call if you have a phone.

One thing that I found very clear from some of the research I did yesterday is that one should not treat heat exhaustion as if it is not a serious illness. In fact, many of these doctor reviewed articles I read on other health sites made sure to say call for emergency services. This is a very serious illness so please remember to pay attention to your body and protect yourself to the best of your ability.

Stay Healthy