Fitness Friday

Sometimes I talk about working out and I share some free online videos. Today I’m talking Yoga.

What I like about doing yoga is that I can get a cardio, toning, relaxing, and get up and get going workout in without having to do the jumping and jarring to my joints as some other cardio workouts do. And the great thing is that depending on which yoga workout I do I can still end up breathing heavy and sweating. It’s a nice addition to a different cardio workout and sometimes a nice standalone.

Two of the ones I opted to kick start my morning with were Slim Waist–I did this one from bed. Having to remain stable while doing the moves adds a different kick to this workout.

The second workout was Weight Loss Yoga Routine–this one I actually rolled out my mat for and did it on the floor for more room.

Both of these workouts can be done in under 12 minutes so even if you’re pressed for time in the morning one of these can be done to get you up and going for the day.

These two videos are on the Tara Stiles playlist and many other videos can be found there ranging from toning, cardio and even a meal digestion video to help get you ready for a morning poop.

Stay Healthy


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