Steps Ahead

July was kind of a good month–busy, but still good for me. I finished school and  started my preparation for the state license test. I set goals and cast them in stone–as in no giving up and just keep seeing the goals come to life and work for me.

August is kicking off fast too. It’s August already! Wow, when one is busy the months can seem to go swiftly, but I am looking forward to seeing good things in August.

  1. I applied for my state test…as in I need approval to take it. From their site it looks to be 2-3 weeks before hearing from them and not the 30-90 days that the teacher mentioned.
  2. I am working hard on my studies and while not 100% confident in my math abilities right now I can see that I am really grasping some of the formulas so I think I can do this. Yes, just think but I hope to “know” by the time I take the test.
  3. I released Prelude to an Insult on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This piece is longer than the shorts I just did for the past two collections.
  4. I finished the 1st draft for the book I mentioned here before. Needs work, but what 1st draft doesn’t ;).
  5. I am pushing myself to think positive and not let other people’s negativity impact my goals, my daily activities, and my life.

Overall, August is well on the way and I am happy with where things are going. I hope everybody is realizing their dreams and goals (as long as they are not illegal) and are able to make steps toward accomplishing those goals.


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