Monday Morning Yoga

I found this Slim My Legs Tara Stiles video by accident really. I was looking for one of her other ones and then found out about all the videos linked to this challenge. They’re older so it’s not something new and some of you may have already done this one (or all of them).


I like all of her yoga videos because they really do work for My body. I also like that the moves are slower on the Slim My Legs workout video and so there isn’t this jump into this pose swiftly type thing–this allows for balance to be secure in these moves which is good especially if you’re having a morning of wobbly stature.


It does one side and then she says to repeat the video working the other side and repeat that two more times. I tend to favor videos that do both sides because it is easier to keep up when doing the repeats. I had to keep reminding myself that I did the right side so change legs and do the left, and then on the second round of repeats I had to remind myself to stop changing to the other leg because I had to do the right all over again. It’s easy to lose track, but it is still doable.


I like the text that she writes into the video. Um…yeah while in downward dog it’s not really going to be read but I went back once I was done and paused the video where text was so I could see what she had shared.

I like that she does realize that not all women are going to be skinny with thin thighs. I like that she realizes that some women can bulk up and be more muscular due to genetics. I very much like that she doesn’t try to tell women who have bodies with more muscle genetically that they cannot bulk up, because they can. As I stated before, bulky is different things to different people but it’s nice to know a woman, a fitness expert, can understand the difference in human bodies and backs that up with science studies.

She mentions the American Council on Exercise and how they say that different women will respond differently to strength training. She also mentions that regular yoga practice tends to give women a leaner, sleeker look.

I also like how she is not judgemental about women and men with larger thighs. She listed a 2009 Danish study as actually finding that women and men with thighs over a certain number of inches had a lower risk of heart disease and early death. You’ll be in downward dog when this one pops up so you’ll need to replay that section and pause it to read it. I do not have the size listed, but I think it could be a good piece of information for people who are genetically thicker in the legs and have those numbers. I have not seen the study and am not in the mood to go searching¬† for it either but if you want to I have been told you can find anything online.

She also has text for the moves that can educate you on how to do the move correctly too. It may be a good idea to watch through it to read what is written first, but if you’re a jump in and go type workout person you can always read everything after if you already know what you’re doing. Plus, she does talk you through the moves while doing them.

The video itself is just over 4 minutes but the repeats needed will add to the time.

She is by far my favorite YouTube yoga instructor.

Stay Healthy


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