Mondays Are For Working

I’m still prepping to take the state test which I should be able to get a spot in sometime next month. I’m also still doing language studies, writing fiction and working on non fiction related writing projects. When I was younger (no, I’m not super old) I worked all day, every day, and thought nothing of it. What changed? People who love me kept telling me I need to take a break. My mother told me she always missed me. We live in the same house; she should not miss me. She also told me I take on too much. For me this was always normal.

I don’t know if I always had the “life is too short to limit yourself” line of thinking, but I was always the work, work and work some more to get things learned and projects done kind of person. Unfortunately for me I took their advice–take a break they said. Oh boy.

I think breaks could make me lazy. I didn’t take the weekend completely off; in fact I worked on my non fiction projects a lot…but I only studied a little and I didn’t do much fictional writing (a few edits does not much work make). You know, it’s Monday and on my list is study language, and then for the state test and then get those non fictional pieces worked on some more and then knitting because my current project is going to take a long time and will never get done if I do not work on it (ask my two sewing projects if you don’t think I’m accurate on the “never” statement). But you know, I don’t feel like doing any of it. I want to just not study for the test, or do my language studies or write anything. I really just want to do nothing. The problem is that I don’t know how to do that so I am sure I will end up doing something even if I wish I could be lazy today.

It’s Monday though and Mondays are as good as any day to get work done. For those of you going back to work today I hope you have a great, productive and peaceful week at work.

Stay Healthy


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