Goals to Reality

Math is what I knew right off was what I would have trouble with. No matter how hard I studied there were things I still could not grasp and so I went into each test with the wrong idea. I went in thinking math would be the hardest, that I would probably get every math problem wrong but it is only 10% of the test so as long as I get most of the other stuff right I should be okay. How is that setting myself up for failure? In reality it isn’t but what my mind sees when I get the math problem wrong is “oh, man, I studied that. I got that while I was studying and I missed it this time.”  Every red X after that sent my mind into “you are so going to fail this test,” and that is no way to move toward passing.

Today, after passing the practice test on the first try, I said, “I am going to pass, get my license and then I am going to buy a blouse.” LOL, Yes, I factored in  a treat for passing. Motivation is a good thing after all. No license–no blouse. Get license–buy blouse. Motivation.

I do have other motivating factors and those factors help me forge ahead. It’s kind of like baby steps but not all at the same time. It could be compared to building a house; there are certain things one must have before a house can be started–land, a foundation, etc. So goal setting, turning goals into reality, have steps. One must figure out what their goals are, figure out how to work toward them and then start on the path of working toward them while visualizing success

If you have goals in your life set them, work toward them and visualize obtaining them. If your ultimate goal requires loads of little (or not so little) tasks before the ultimate goal can be pulled into reality, then try rewarding yourself after climbing over the first slab of stone. Maybe it’s a night out, maybe it’s a new pair of socks, maybe it’s kicking back and taking a day off–whatever it is (legal), just do it.


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