On The Barre

I used to dance but I never really did much by way of strictly ballet focused moves outside of a course I took in college. However, I went in search of videos on YouTube to change up my usual yoga and cardio only work. Yes, I will keep doing yoga; I just want to add something to it.

I found this full length Barre workout on YouTube: Barre for Beginners. I remember in one of the dance classes I took as an elective in college how the professor seemed to love to add more ballet to every dance routine than was called for, but the stretching and the moves felt okay to me so I didn’t mind.

Dance class is not all fun and games by the way; you really do have to study the written works too, and the tests were both written and dancing related. To be clear, I took that class because the class I wanted was full. I was already in a dance program elsewhere in the kind of dance I liked to do, but something to mix it up is not a bad thing.

I have not done the workout linked above yet. I just found it this morning and with needed errands on my list for the morning I didn’t want to rush a new routine and jumble it with yoga too. I will try this Barre for Beginners out after I get some needed things taken care of, get back and get into my comfortable workout gear. I think I will have to try this in another room because I am not sure I’ll have enough space in my room.

If you try the workout please let me know what you think of it, or if you know of any other workouts for Barre exercises that might be just as good or batter.

Stay Healthy


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