What to Do

My father said something to me once about how people see things from the outside and decide they want it and should have it but that they never look at the work it took to get it. I think that’s true. Someone might see a woman with the perfect family, the perfect body, the perfect hair…the perfect everything and it’s easy to think of how much you wish you had so much perfect. Worse, it’s easy to start making the standard excuses as to why you don’t have it. For some people they push it off on weight, color, looks in general, but they never stop to think what are they doing to get the things they want, and what does it really take to have what they are looking for.

That is not to say that things aren’t happening in some instances because of the physical things, but if somebody cannot appreciate who you are simply because of what you look like then they are not the right person for you.

couple-407150_1920 (2)

First off, there is No such thing as perfect. The view from the outside might look like heaven in a bottle, but relationships take work. Everything takes work–including that “perfect” body and the “perfect” hair.

When I hear women complaining about things I think, “what are you doing to change it?” Really, what are you doing?

Changing perspective and not constantly tearing oneself apart can actually help change a situation that you want to change.

So, What To Do

  1. Change your outlook to something a little more positively productive. You CAN do this instead of the “can’t” do type thinking.
  2. Figure out what you need to change, or do more of, in order to make the change. Not knowing either of these things is like driving blindfolded–you’re not going to go anywhere productive and you probably won’t survive without being harmed either.
  3. Stop looking at other people and being jealous of the life they have that you don’t have but think you want. Just because it looks great from the outside doesn’t mean it is, and even if it is that doesn’t mean that it will be great for you.
  4. Take ownership of your life and decisions you make. People may try to control other people but the reality is those people aren’t going to be able to live the life they have contorted you into accepting so don’t own it unless you believe in where they are trying to lead you and then as always, lead yourself there willingly.

I hope everybody is having a good August. The year is progressively moving to an end. There may be much that needs to be done but always remember you are the master of your own life, so create the life you want–happy and healthy.

Stay Healthy



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