Monday Morning Workout

As I sit here and notice my hair looks like a hot mess I am still grateful that I got up and got moving this morning. I was trying to decide if I wanted to do cello first and then workout but I opted for my usual get up and get moving line of events and I had fun. Cardio first this morning and while I considered yoga I wanted to do the Barre exercise again. Um…I didn’t do it. Instead, I did the Core workout which was really good for me.

Things that stuck with me:

  1. “Balance is like a muscle,” she said; and then she mentioned that you have to work it to make it stronger.
  2. She mentioned how people get focused on abs and sometimes neglect their back and she mentioned how important it is to work the back muscles too. I had heard this many moons ago but it’s always nice to know that somebody out there still has videos that try to educate while showing a good workout too.

Outside of working out I am going to try to see how much water I drink a day. I actually (outside of my morning green smoothie) drink water only all day…oh and the two cups of herbal tea that is supposed to help me with something health-wise. I just started the tea though. Anyway, I read about this 1 Gallon per day thing. 1 Gallon is 16 cups U.S. from the research I did to make sure of the correct conversion.

water-1545520_1920I am not sure how much water I drink a day because I do not keep a record. I could be drinking more already, or less. I’m going to try to document it today. The lady who mentioned the challenge mentioned that herbal tea could count, but I don’t know…I suppose it is water with tea, but I am not sure I should count those two cups. What do you think?

I think the water challenge was more about cleaner, acne free and healthier looking, skin but the body does need water to survive so it’s good for more than just improving looks.

Stay Healthy



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