Detox & Workouts

Just a quick update on the water before I get to the workout stuff ;). I did do the Gallon a Day thing yesterday and I did that without counting  my two cups of herbal tea. If I counted those it would have been 2.5 cups over a gallon.

Would I do this again? No. I plan to keep drinking plenty of water but I am not going to put down lines to count how many cups I have had. I am also going to say if you decide to do this do NOT start it if you have to get on the road to anywhere…not even the grocery store. Seriously, a gallon goes in and a lot has to come out. It brings a whole new meaning to that advice I heard as a child, “pee until you pee clear.” Yeah…uh huh.

Now on to the workout.

I am so enjoying the workouts I found while doing the Barre workout I mentioned last time. The one I did today is the 30-Minute Knee Friendly Total Body Barre Workout. You  can do this workout without the light weights if you want, and she does give some tips on modifying some of the moves to suit your body needs and to prevent injury.

I had to laugh at myself because on a couple of the moves I found myself having the ‘are we almost done with this move yet,’ kind of thoughts. And when she mentioned about the person probably being tired I did the audible, “you think,” comment. I love workouts that push me a little (or a lot) more in different ways than the ones I have been doing a lot.

Later today I will do yoga like I ended up doing yesterday.

By way of the Barre workouts I will say if you go to the video linked above it has 22 videos in the playlist so you can pick whichever ones you want to try.

Stay Healthy


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