Monday Starters

I find that having consistent schedules is a good thing; it not only helps aid in memory of things that need to be done, but it ensures that things get done. Of course sometimes, some things, end up being moved around.

This week for me is a busy, and important, week. Since I had to add something into my schedule I have to move a few other things around. Just because I have to move some things does not mean I have to skip  my workouts. I don’t skip, but I do modify when needed. Like this morning I did the Barre for beginners workout but not my yoga. I moved yoga to my afternoon break…with as busy as this week will be for me I think yoga in the middle of my day would be a good relaxer and a way to loosen my body up. Sitting and studying or working all day is definitely hard on the body.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againOf course on Wednesday I plan to do yoga in the morning to relax my mind and my body in prep for something that is a stressful event. A little workout goes a long way, not just for the shaping of the body, but also for the shaping of ones peaceful mind. I love yoga because while I am holding poses there is no room for worrying about all the things that are going on in my life or things that are to come.

Do you have any specific ways to ensure you get everything done during the day while not stressing about everything that needs to be done?

Stay Healthy


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