Cardio Yoga


It’s good to get stretching and toning in, but you can get cardio in with yoga too. This video has a part one and part two. You can do both in the same morning, split them to morning then afternoon, split them by days…whatever works for you. Also, you can try the part one and then add in other videos on the playlist. There are so many options so if you venture to her channel have fun doing the yoga she shares.

Stay Healthy

Monday Comes Early

This week I am going to be busy trying to get some things back on track so I am not sure how frequent blogs will be. Just in case I don’t get a chance I am letting Monday come early–well, blogging wise anyway.

I have not tried these workouts yet, but I found them a little while ago and added them to my try it out and see if I want to make them more of a fixture for a month list. So here they are in case you want to try them too.

  • Cardio Barre Dancer’s Body
  • Barre Workout Video ~ This one would definitely need a warmup before because from what I can see it starts right in with light weights. I haven’t done either of these yet so I cannot say how they are structured, how they feel or how they can be modified.

Both workouts are longer but I think Monday I’ll try the first one unless I try it today after I get in from other things that I have to do.

Have a great day everybody and Stay Healthy.



On The Hunt…Plotting and Planning

I woke up deciding to skip my morning workout because I was not feeling very well at all. I think I’ll change and workout later if I am not so queasy later today. But while contemplating how horrible I feel about skipping my workout I realized one thing–I need a staycation.

I have talked about staycations before on this blog and since things fell apart in my latest career change I know that vacationing will be out of bounds for me right now. Staycatioing is a good thing to do if you have some adventurous place to go in your city. I don’t.

So I am plotting and planning trying to come up with something I can go and do for a few hours next week.

Yeah–I’ve got nothing. (Yes, I am aware that is not grammatically correct ;).)

What I have thought of thus far is taking my camera and getting some nature shots. I hate taking city shots because I find it rude for people to just shoot pictures of other people and post them all over the place online. I had been minding my own business walking down the street when some guy did that to me. It’s rude. So since I think it’s rude I do not wish to do it.

There is a little preserve some ways out that I can get to…but–there is always a but–I do not know that I should go by myself. It’s usually really deserted and honestly I think I would be scared surrounded by trees alone. No, the bears, snakes and spiders aren’t scaring me–it’s the human insanity of today that really makes me think it’s not safe for me to go out there alone.

Fear Factor 101 ~ Fear will always hold you down if you let it.

So my two part question to you, out there, is how do you do something that you fear alone? What thoughts help you get over your fear in order to do it?

Stay Healthy



100 A Day

I heard about a challenge to do 100 sit-ups a day. It’s not all just standard stomach crunches. It has been said to take about 10 minutes a day with two days on, one day off kind of thing. So the overall was like this:

Monday-Tuesday ~ 100 sit ups

Wednesday ~ Off

Thursday-Saturday ~ 100 sit ups

Sunday ~ Off

I know, I thought the same thing you are probably thinking ‘there is not a day off between Friday and Saturday so the overall two days on and one day off is so misleading.’

I don’t know if I will commit to this one. There are so many challenges out right now–when it’s not hair it’s working out, but I might try to add it in for a week.

I do ab work but this could be a fun comparison-contrast to see how what I do now might improve with adding the 100 a day requirement.

As I have stated before, my abs are my goal. Once upon a time I felt I was on my way to those perfectly flat abs I crave but now I find more days where I think I look pouchy by mid afternoon. I have read this happens to a lot of women so I am not alone in this.

It’s Autumn and I am an Autumn baby so I would love to see myself closer to my goal by my birthday.

Do you have any health improvement goals on your schedule?

Stay Healthy

Work It Out Wednesday

I love kicking off the morning with a workout. While a morning workout doesn’t mean I won’t do a later morning workout there is just something about the great start to the morning that really feels like it wakes up my entire body. I’m up at just after midnight in case you’re wondering why I would do two workouts in one morning. By the time ten in the morning rolls around it feels like late afternoon for me.

I used to only do one workout a day but I had an NP who offered me drugs because she said I was anxious. Fortunately for me I was a Psych major so I knew my issues were not medical. I was working full time during the day, going to school full time at night and taking care of my mother who was sick at the time. Who wouldn’t be stressed out about that? Anyway, she told me that when she was going to nursing school full time and working that she started running twice a day–once in the morning and once in the evening. So I got the idea of twice a day from her and it kind of stuck.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againAnyway, one of the yoga videos that I like and can really be done while I’m in bed is the Holiday Meal Digestion video.

I love this Barre workout too It has become my go-to for now.

We’re almost to Autumn here so don’t let the coming cooler temps slow you down. If it’s just too cold and too dark outside to get out and workout then try an in-home workout video. There are plenty for free on YouTube to get you started.

Stay Healthy

Hope for the Best

I am trying–honestly I am–but I think being a realist is just in my blood. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Perhaps there is some good in that because preparing for the worst helps me survive the worst possible things that I hoped wouldn’t happen but was smart enough to prepare for just in case they did. Kind of like hitting the black ice on the way home from work or something. Nobody wants to hit ice while driving home, have their car go into a spin and crash, but it could happen–it does happen. The best thing to do is travel safely but know what to do in the just in case it happens moment. Preparing for the worst means you are not blindly spinning around into objects that weren’t made for softly stopping other objects. It’s a life saving moment that a person wouldn’t have if they only saw the petals on the rose instead of the thorns too.

So with this new venture for me I tried to go in positive, sadly, I was blindly traveling along not really seeing all the possible worst case scenarios. I wish I hadn’t listened to others and that I had forged ahead like I normally do because I would have done things differently; I should have done things differently.

But life is all about living and learning so I’ll learn.

Yesterday was kind of a downer for me, but today is a new day with very few mistakes in it…for now 😉 and tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it–yet :).

Stay Healthy

Up and Away

I mentioned thinking outside the box last post and I still stand by the idea of thinking outside the box, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on all things inside the box either. But I have to keep reminding myself not to get my hopes up. If I put my hopes up it hurts more when they all fall down. So, while plotting, planning and exercising my new plans while not abandoning the old ones too I just have to tell myself that it may or may not work out and that’s okay. There are worse things to have happen in life than having career plans not go exactly as planned. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t always understand the reason. Maybe some things are happening to lead me to the place where I am meant to be.

So I am off next week for another attempt at one of my plans which, much like writing, just gives me ideas for other things I need to incorporate and try in my life. So what is a woman to do when she wakes up every morning in a week with new creative creations combined with new career goal methods?–Yoga of course.

This morning was cardio for me, but I added in two of my older yoga routines to go to and that was the Targeting Love Handles and the Moves for Leaner Legs. While I am all about working for perfectly flat abs, I like to try to stretch out my legs too. And of course, as with all the yoga routines I have done I realize that one cannot work one area of the body without hitting the others. I love yoga and sometimes doing yoga with Epic music in the background is just too fun to pass up.

Stay Healthy

Think Outside the Box

I have been working so hard on meeting a major goal, following all the necessary small steps to get there and finally hit a road block of sorts. One thought that hit me Sunday morning whilst waking up is that sometimes one must think outside the box. I can do other things with my new license than just the standard thing that one thinks they will/must do.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box so that when one option fails it is always possible to try to find another. Will the other option work out? I don’t know. I am going to try to take my father’s advice (try being the operative word) and not worry about it–not stress myself out about it. I am just going to do my best and continue to work toward my ultimate goal the best that I can.

So kicking off Monday morning what do I have on schedule?

  1. Go for a walk if I can. I have trouble with my knee now so I cannot always get long walks in, but I want to go out and walk a bit even if it’s not far.
  2. Yoga
  3. New classes to study for.
  4. Knitting
  5. Jewelry making.

My most recent Black Lace jewelry creation is in the Fashionably Capri Etsy store. There are also  new bowties and pocket squares.

Other than the things on my list…life or something like it I guess.

Have a great week everybody.

Stay Healthy

On the Barre

I was awake for a little more than an hour while I stayed in bed wishing I could get just a little more sleep. My body disagreed with me so I eventually got out of bed and did my yoga practice for three of the yoga routines I did mostly last year and earlier this year. But I had mentioned talking about the Barre workouts today so I went on the quest for something other than the only two I had saved the link in a file for.

I found this one: Sleek 15min body sculpting barre workout. She mentions that you can use a chair if you do not have a barre. While I could do most of the workout without the barre or the chair I would highly recommend using the chair. Good balance or not, using the chair/barre will help maintain form.

Stay Healthy

Another Monday for You

Yoga workouts are great moves to strengthen, lengthen and shape the body. Of course yoga is really good for the mind as well.

I like yoga for the lengthening and toning, but also for the lack of jumping and jarring movements. One of the great things about yoga is that you really can go at your own pace and pick the workouts that fit your body needs, goals, and limitations.

You may find that one side of your body is better with balance while the other side is better with strength. One side may be more flexible than the other and that is normal really.

I’m Currently Focusing On:

Slim My Legs:

Flatten My Belly:

Burn More Fat:

Of course I am doing other workouts too, but I have worked these three yoga routines in and I am trying to focus on them for now along with Barre exercises; (I’ll talk about the Barre next time).

Whatever yoga you do, have fun and exercise with caution to be sure you are not doing anything that is hurting your body. If you feel pain be sure to modify the move or cut it out.

Stay Healthy