Climbing One Bar At A Time

I’m clearly not talking about Barre workouts (although I am enjoying those), but the bar I have in mind is life goals. There are always steps that need to be taken to get to the step one wishes to reach, and sometimes those steps seem like little low living bars that worm themselves into the way and must be climbed over to get to the final step desired.

So, I mentioned that I was prepping for a test and had some things that I needed to take care of this week. Well, one of the major things was I was scheduled to take the test this week. I passed it. The beauty of passing it is that I have climbed over one bar in the way of my dreams and am now working towards climbing over yet another bar blocking my way. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, this bar cannot be passed over, it must be climbed over.

With the test behind me I am now legally able to work in my new career. Next step–Finding an employer who is legally able to employ me until I am legally able to employ myself (at minimum 2 years by law).

I keep my dreams in front of me, but this morning while waking up I had that moment of reality sink in…for the dream(s) I have, by the time I can reach them, I am not sure I will have enough years left in my life to enjoy them. That’s kind of a depressing way to kick off a new morning and a new month, so I hope that I will get over that sooner rather than later.

I did not buy my blouse. I know I said “pass test, buy blouse,” but my mother keeps protesting. “Wait,” she says. “You might find something else.” I told her this was my reward…the one thing I wanted to give to myself for working my butt off and growing more gray hairs by the second over this thing, but I don’t think she gets it. At either rate, I am still thinking I’ll find my way to a store before the weekend and get a blouse…or a skirt…I could use either one in my new career. Ha! Positive thinking for you. I am going to get a job.

Stay Healthy


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