Changes Are Unavoidable

Yesterday I logged into my email and finally saw the promised email with the attachment–My License! I had to print it for myself because the state is too cheap to mail them out even after all the money they charged to get approved to take the test in the first place. Oh, yes, I had to pay for the test separately too so I am not sure what I paid the state for at all. That being said, I finally have my license on hand.

I am excited about this change because it paves the way for me to get a step closer to my dream. Of course I am wondering if I have enough years left to reach said dream. I’m not super old but I’m not aging younger either and my ultimate dream is not going to happen overnight (well, not unless I magically get a winning lotto ticket…I don’t play the lottery by the way so I’m not banking on the ticket ;).)

One change can lead to more changes so I’m excited to be a step deeper into my journey. I’m probably more excited that I’m getting my balance back on point and am less wobbly in one of the yoga moves I have added to my workout. Priorities ;).

A couple changes lead me to thinking about more changes and I am thinking of new workouts to add to my daily stress reduction while staying healthy routine. And of course I have a project in the non fiction world I am still working on while still needing to do the edits on a fictional piece too, so busy is on the horizon…not that it ever left…A new month with new plans and changes is not always a bad thing.

Stay Healthy


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