Another Monday for You

Yoga workouts are great moves to strengthen, lengthen and shape the body. Of course yoga is really good for the mind as well.

I like yoga for the lengthening and toning, but also for the lack of jumping and jarring movements. One of the great things about yoga is that you really can go at your own pace and pick the workouts that fit your body needs, goals, and limitations.

You may find that one side of your body is better with balance while the other side is better with strength. One side may be more flexible than the other and that is normal really.

I’m Currently Focusing On:

Slim My Legs:

Flatten My Belly:

Burn More Fat:

Of course I am doing other workouts too, but I have worked these three yoga routines in and I am trying to focus on them for now along with Barre exercises; (I’ll talk about the Barre next time).

Whatever yoga you do, have fun and exercise with caution to be sure you are not doing anything that is hurting your body. If you feel pain be sure to modify the move or cut it out.

Stay Healthy


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