Up and Away

I mentioned thinking outside the box last post and I still stand by the idea of thinking outside the box, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on all things inside the box either. But I have to keep reminding myself not to get my hopes up. If I put my hopes up it hurts more when they all fall down. So, while plotting, planning and exercising my new plans while not abandoning the old ones too I just have to tell myself that it may or may not work out and that’s okay. There are worse things to have happen in life than having career plans not go exactly as planned. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t always understand the reason. Maybe some things are happening to lead me to the place where I am meant to be.

So I am off next week for another attempt at one of my plans which, much like writing, just gives me ideas for other things I need to incorporate and try in my life. So what is a woman to do when she wakes up every morning in a week with new creative creations combined with new career goal methods?–Yoga of course.

This morning was cardio for me, but I added in two of my older yoga routines to go to and that was the Targeting Love Handles and the Moves for Leaner Legs. While I am all about working for perfectly flat abs, I like to try to stretch out my legs too. And of course, as with all the yoga routines I have done I realize that one cannot work one area of the body without hitting the others. I love yoga and sometimes doing yoga with Epic music in the background is just too fun to pass up.

Stay Healthy


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