100 A Day

I heard about a challenge to do 100 sit-ups a day. It’s not all just standard stomach crunches. It has been said to take about 10 minutes a day with two days on, one day off kind of thing. So the overall was like this:

Monday-Tuesday ~ 100 sit ups

Wednesday ~ Off

Thursday-Saturday ~ 100 sit ups

Sunday ~ Off

I know, I thought the same thing you are probably thinking ‘there is not a day off between Friday and Saturday so the overall two days on and one day off is so misleading.’

I don’t know if I will commit to this one. There are so many challenges out right now–when it’s not hair it’s working out, but I might try to add it in for a week.

I do ab work but this could be a fun comparison-contrast to see how what I do now might improve with adding the 100 a day requirement.

As I have stated before, my abs are my goal. Once upon a time I felt I was on my way to those perfectly flat abs I crave but now I find more days where I think I look pouchy by mid afternoon. I have read this happens to a lot of women so I am not alone in this.

It’s Autumn and I am an Autumn baby so I would love to see myself closer to my goal by my birthday.

Do you have any health improvement goals on your schedule?

Stay Healthy


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