On The Hunt…Plotting and Planning

I woke up deciding to skip my morning workout because I was not feeling very well at all. I think I’ll change and workout later if I am not so queasy later today. But while contemplating how horrible I feel about skipping my workout I realized one thing–I need a staycation.

I have talked about staycations before on this blog and since things fell apart in my latest career change I know that vacationing will be out of bounds for me right now. Staycatioing is a good thing to do if you have some adventurous place to go in your city. I don’t.

So I am plotting and planning trying to come up with something I can go and do for a few hours next week.

Yeah–I’ve got nothing. (Yes, I am aware that is not grammatically correct ;).)

What I have thought of thus far is taking my camera and getting some nature shots. I hate taking city shots because I find it rude for people to just shoot pictures of other people and post them all over the place online. I had been minding my own business walking down the street when some guy did that to me. It’s rude. So since I think it’s rude I do not wish to do it.

There is a little preserve some ways out that I can get to…but–there is always a but–I do not know that I should go by myself. It’s usually really deserted and honestly I think I would be scared surrounded by trees alone. No, the bears, snakes and spiders aren’t scaring me–it’s the human insanity of today that really makes me think it’s not safe for me to go out there alone.

Fear Factor 101 ~ Fear will always hold you down if you let it.

So my two part question to you, out there, is how do you do something that you fear alone? What thoughts help you get over your fear in order to do it?

Stay Healthy




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