Monday Morning Workout Cardio and Yoga

I had plans yesterday in my mind to get up and do the cardio yoga routine followed by the lengthening legs exercises but I picked a different workout setup when I got started this morning. Will I do more later? Probably if I have time because I would like to do more yoga but for now this was my morning kickoff.

  1. Walk Away the Pounds 1 Mile ~ I have the 5 mile thanks to my mother buying it and not using that one I get to hang on to the 5 mile and do whichever ones I want when I want.
  2. Slim My Legs yoga
  3. Moves for Leaner Legs yoga ~ yes, that’s two different ones from the same lady.

I like both yoga routines but what I like about the Moves for Leaner Legs is that it does both legs in the same video instead of like the Slim My Legs one that does one leg and then you have to start it over to do the other leg and do that same process twice more. Some mornings I find myself wondering if I was on the right leg or the left by the time I reach the final round.

Whatever workouts you do today just get up and get moving.

Stay Healthy


Friday Fitness Hit It Hard


I like the Bridal Babe workout. It’s not new but it is a good one.

In other toning workouts the Barre workout is good too. Be sure to have a chair or something you can use to stabalize your balance. Some of the moves are fairly easy to do without having a barre or chair but it’s good to have something just in case you need it for proper posture and balance. Also, you’ll need something for the final leg stretch. I used the foot board of my bed so anything you have can work even if you use a chair.

Yoga is good as a cool down and stretching exercise to. Check out the Linked to Fitness page on this blog under the Life and Style — Health and Fitness page.

Stay Healthy


Birthday Coming

If you’re still alive birthdays are a thing that will come and go every year. Birthdays don’t mean anything to me really because we never celebrated them thus making the day like any other day. I do remember as a little girl that my father would bring home a sweater or a teddy bear or something and wake me up night before my birthday–it wasn’t a birthday gift but it was a gift. I figured it was his way of telling me that he remembered that my birthday was tomorrow anyway. Fortunately my parents (who didn’t celebrate anything really) did not just wait for holidays and birthdays to give gifts otherwise there would have been no gifts ever.

This year is a little harder for me though. I haven’t really talked about this because I just haven’t. But what annoys me right now is how people who are decades older than me seem to feel the need to tell me I’m “too old for that now,” “getting old,” etc. This usually comes after pointing out that my life didn’t turn out as planned. It’s like, duh, I know my life didn’t turn out as “I planned” let alone anywhere near how you people thought it would turn out. Getting a degree does not a perfect career make. Yes, I know I got a crappy degree as they tell me this all the time.

So this upcoming birthday is not just another day to me thing as this year (now actually) I can’t stop thinking about all the things I missed and all the things I’ll probably never get to do. Perhaps that’s why I am getting ready to go back to writing in a journal–the perfect place to get out my emotions without being judged for them.


So with another birthday on the horizon I think this year I am going to do something a little different. I don’t know what yet…but…something.

Emotional health is harder to keep on track than physical health–I think so anyway. At least with physical health you can eat better, workout more, cut out the unhealthy stuff and hope your hard work does your body good. Emotional health–not so much.

Stay Healthy

This Vegetarian’s Lunch

I know that not many people really care what everybody is eating but since I am finalizing my cookbook I thought I would share today’s lunch.It’s not complicated at all, but I did need the oven, a baking pan, a knife and of course the forks. The clean up will not be fun but must be done.

I like naked salads–that is salads without dressing. I have been eating them this way for a great many years now. What I find is that I only like my naked salads. I cannot order them elsewhere. I don’t eat out now anyway, but when I did salads were not on my side dish because I didn’t want dressing.

What I like about my salads are the spices and herbs I use, of course the mixed onions and bell peppers add to the flavor. Usually I roast them but today I did my oven saute method without oils using filtered water.

The thing about big salads, however, is being able to eat the entire salad. I almost made it to the bottom with just a little bit left.


With the backyard debris cleared up, the fence back together and life as usual I am getting back on track–kind of anyway.

Stay Healthy


img_8771Romaine Lettuce, carrots, red lettuce, green onions, yellow (or white) onions, bell peppers (red, green, yellow and orange — or peppers of your choice). Water (a little to coat the bottom of the baking pan) Oregano, Paprika, Accent (season to taste).

Everything except the green onions, carrots and lettuce can go in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. Once done combine, serve and eat.

New Workout

Sorry I have not been here a lot but with the storm and cleaning up after it things are crazy busy right now. But I am finally getting to check email since the power is finally back and I read the TIU email There is apparently a new workout thing going but I have not had time to check it out so here is the link if you want to check it out.

Stay Healthy

fruit filled bowl picture

No Days Off

I read somewhere about the benefit of not taking days off. The idea was to do something every day toward your goals. I can equate this with cello playing for me. I used to practice every day but I started to allow things to crowd it out. There was always the “tomorrow” statement, but then tomorrow there was something else. It’s very hard to get back to the daily practice once stopping and I look at how much better I could be on some of the pieces if I kept up the every morning after the workout and shower schedule.

lettuceSo let’s bring this back to health. Eating healthy and working out–if you have goals then try to not miss a day in working toward them. That is not saying workout hardcore every day, but try, even if only 10 minutes of yoga, to do something every day. Try to make sure you are eating foods that are good for YOUR body every day and try to cut out as much of the junk that you can.

Working towards your goals every day will get you closer to meeting each of the goals you have set for yourself.

Stay Healthy

Just Another Monday

Hi all. Usually Monday I talk about the workouts (including yoga) for the kickoff of the work week but today I’m starting the work week with a different kind of workout and other things too.

I did do some stretching in bed with limited yoga moves but today is a yard work day :(. Yes, it has to be done. It is still a workout–just a different kind. The great thing about yard work is that even if your day working in the yard is so busy you won’t have time to do another kind of workout you still can get lots of squatting, arm work and cardio while pushing the lawnmower and pulling weeds. Unless you have a riding lawnmower then you might want to do a workout in the house too.

I’ll still do yoga before bed today but my biggest workout will be in the yard this Monday.

Anyway–today I have set some goals for the week. They involve water, working on the new website, knitting and speaking with my lawyer. It’s going to be a busy week but I am hoping to get out and take pictures of stuff away from home too.

I hope all of you have a great week.

Stay Healthy