Just Another Monday

Hi all. Usually Monday I talk about the workouts (including yoga) for the kickoff of the work week but today I’m starting the work week with a different kind of workout and other things too.

I did do some stretching in bed with limited yoga moves but today is a yard work day :(. Yes, it has to be done. It is still a workout–just a different kind. The great thing about yard work is that even if your day working in the yard is so busy you won’t have time to do another kind of workout you still can get lots of squatting, arm work and cardio while pushing the lawnmower and pulling weeds. Unless you have a riding lawnmower then you might want to do a workout in the house too.

I’ll still do yoga before bed today but my biggest workout will be in the yard this Monday.

Anyway–today I have set some goals for the week. They involve water, working on the new website, knitting and speaking with my lawyer. It’s going to be a busy week but I am hoping to get out and take pictures of stuff away from home too.

I hope all of you have a great week.

Stay Healthy


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