Monday Morning Workout Cardio and Yoga

I had plans yesterday in my mind to get up and do the cardio yoga routine followed by the lengthening legs exercises but I picked a different workout setup when I got started this morning. Will I do more later? Probably if I have time because I would like to do more yoga but for now this was my morning kickoff.

  1. Walk Away the Pounds 1 Mile ~ I have the 5 mile thanks to my mother buying it and not using that one I get to hang on to the 5 mile and do whichever ones I want when I want.
  2. Slim My Legs yoga
  3. Moves for Leaner Legs yoga ~ yes, that’s two different ones from the same lady.

I like both yoga routines but what I like about the Moves for Leaner Legs is that it does both legs in the same video instead of like the Slim My Legs one that does one leg and then you have to start it over to do the other leg and do that same process twice more. Some mornings I find myself wondering if I was on the right leg or the left by the time I reach the final round.

Whatever workouts you do today just get up and get moving.

Stay Healthy



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