Start of the Last

This is the last of November and we will soon be in that beautiful month known as December. Winter is nearing and snow is already falling somewhere. Ending one month and going into another is a great time to revisit goals.

So far I have kicked my morning off right with a mile of cardio toning. I could have done more but I really wasn’t in the mood for more so I didn’t do it. (Hmm…this might make my lose two pounds by my birthday idea a little harder to do…oh well.)

One of the things I heard a long time ago was this, “tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.” So, even if you haven’t kicked your today off very well don’t worry, tomorrow will always be a new day and it will always be another chance for you to get things done right. That doesn’t mean you have to throw today away though, just try not to stress about the mix ups of the morning and keep striving to do things right.

Stay Healthy



A Writer’s Life ~ Morning Yoga and Other Updates


This week has been a decision making week for me and I decided the path I am going to take so that’s a good thing. I’m also trying to get better with not over doing things and sticking to the schedule, taking needed breaks and giving my eyes a rest from the computer. All of those things are hard because being a writer kind of keeps me on the computer from before sun up to after sundown–but I am trying to change that which I know means my idea to do less writing may turn into not doing any.

I do have other stuff to do and life changes that will lead me farther ahead than being a writer ever can. Plus, I remember somebody saying once that the fastest way to hate something you love is to turn it into a career. I think that statement is true. I do not hate writing, but I do not love it as much either.I would like to one day finish all the ongoing stories, but that may take a while because I have many started but never focused on to finish.

I never thought there would be a day when I didn’t really like reading either, but there is. I really am getting to the not wanting to read fictional books stage. Yes, that surprises me as I used to love to read.

Anyway, with a birthday not too far away I realize I need to try to climb a new mountain and while writing will still be there, it won’t be the major thing there anymore.

So what’s up for this early morning already? Yoga to kick the morning off on a healthy note.

Stay Healthy


I have been working on getting this cookbook together for a long while now and finally I have been able to get Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking uploaded to Lulu and Create Space. I’m still waiting on them to get it over to Amazon, but for now here it is.

cook-book-lette-size-front-coverThe Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking cookbook is great for anybody even if they are not a vegetarian. This book takes an animal-free approach to the sweetest things like cakes, pies, cookies and scones. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond this cookbook can take you there with a focus on healthy delicious kitchen creations. Also included in this book is the Green Smoothie section for those who love them or want to try them the recipes can give you something different to keep you going or get you started.

Turn on the oven, pull out kitchenware and create meals that are deliciously healthy with a side of pie.

So what’s next for me? Hmm…getting back focused on my fictional books and working on my knitted sweater design. I am determined to finish this sweater–if only I can stop starting over on it :).

Have a great rest of week everybody.

Stay Healthy

Monday Again

I’m in for one of those days where working on knitting projects will be hard to concentrate on but with my math mishap yesterday I have had to start over with my latest project. Yeah…math that I swear I had worked out before I cast on. Oh well…there are worse things in life than having to start over a project you have less than a month to finish on time.

So what’s on today’s list:

  • Getting the cookbook finalized as I think I have edited more than I can and reformatted with the added recipes so at some point I have to be ready to let go. Letting go is not always easy.
  • Working on one of my fictional works.
  • Knitting. I have told myself that I would like to finish this project before my birthday and I have less than a month to finish something that is far too many pieces to finish in a month when one has other work to do too. I’m still going to try though.

Other than that yoga, cooking (the meal is in the Crock-Pot already), cardio. There are not any moments of today where I can afford to take a break from my “need to be done” list.

Have a great week everybody and Stay Healthy.

A Day Off

I think I am taking today off from working out. Why is that a “think” and not a “know”? Well, I know me and middle of the day might just leave me thinking of doing a mile walk with the Walk Away the Pounds video. But for now I think a day off isn’t such a horrible thing to take sometimes.

So if I am not going to workout today whatever shall I do? I don’t know other than work on some writing projects. Yesterday I was in the mood to take pictures and what happens? Not even a cloud in the sky to take pictures of so I covered flowers instead. I don’t have as many in the garden now as we are reshaping our space, but I do have some.

Clearly that last photo is not a flower 🙂 and I didn’t take that one yesterday although I did take one of the meal for yesterday.

Have a great and peaceful weekend out there.

Stay Healthy

The Sun Is Shining Somewhere

Okay, those of you traveling in not so peaceful waters let’s look to at least one bright bit of news today. There is a Supermoon coming up next week on Monday (the 14th). Scientists say it will be the biggest one in almost 70 years. Years ago I would have traveled out to a beach to get great pictures but with not feeling safe in this country anymore I will just try to get a great look from the backyard instead. I don’t want to miss this one as I am not over 70 years old so I haven’t seen one this big and bright before and the next one isn’t expected to be this big until after 2034. You can find out about it here in this video. Let’s hope the weather is clear everywhere in the world so everybody can see the moon when it’s in the sky where you are.

Photographer, astronomer or anybody just interested in nature this could be a great night to look up at the moon and enjoy the beauty of nature. There is something peaceful in watching the sky and I hope that you, too, can find a little bit of peace no matter what chaos is going on in your life.

Stay Healthy

Knitted Fate and Workouts

I did get a chance to work up the swatch for the project I want to do. Unfortunately I cannot start it right now because I knit tightly so I need to go a needle size up and the needle I need has one massive project still sitting on it. I am going to have to finish that project first. It’s fate you know. Well, really it’s just the size of the needle.

One good thing is I do have a good idea how I want to work the pattern so I will be ready for it when I can get started.

Other than the big knitting project I do have some appointments that need to be handled and some stories that need to be written. So what should come before I do those things? Yoga :).

Stay Healthy


Waking Up Thinking

For the second morning in  a row I have awakened with thoughts of the knitted project I am planning to try to design on my mind. Every time I think I am going to make myself something I end up either gifting it to somebody else of putting in the Etsy Store. Well, I went back to my idea of a project I have wanted to do for a while but since I had gone ahead with another project I didn’t do much more than think about the design idea. I’ve decided to change that. I am going to start doing the swatch for my idea to see how it works out before jumping in and knitting it full on.

I have the yarn. I have the idea in mind I just need to start writing it out. I’m going to do it. At least I say that now. Today is still young yet and there is much to still be done. But if I can get this started and finished then it can be my gift from me to me.

If I get this started and done I will probably share the finished piece here and maybe give the other details on my other knitting and sewing focused blog. I’ll let you know.

Happy Wednesday you all.


It’s a Sign

Do I believe in signs? Maybe a little. Although mostly I am not talking supernatural signs here. I’m talking red flags of the “you’re changing and do you want to” type.

I noticed lately that my mother is always fixing my clothes. Seriously, she comes up and fixes a collar on my sweater so often that the other week I told her “you’re always fixing my clothes.” She said that it’s because I don’t do it. “You used to check yourself in the mirror before you left but you don’t do it anymore,” she had said. That’s partially true. I checked myself before I grabbed my sweater off the chair in the dining room and I didn’t go back to my room to look since I was near running out the door to take her somewhere.

She is right though; I did used to dart back to the room to make sure collars were out before I left the house. A great looking dress can be seriously mangled by collars on sweaters or jackets turned under when they should be out.

Is it a sign? Yes. It’s a sign that I need to get my head on straight and check my collar before I leave the house.

Stay Fashionable


Monday Kickoff

It’s Monday and I have a list. Will everything get done? I don’t know. A few things have been checked off, but there are a few more still left to go and they are not small things to check off.

The morning workout was good for me and I did add in the yoga along with my cardio. I skipped the Barre workout for a couple other yoga videos but I may do it later.

Yoga for Leaner Legs is number 22 on the playlist just in case it doesn’t come up to that exact spot. There are so many on the list so you can pick and choose which ones you want to try and do them whenever you want to. Have fun.

Stay Healthy