Kicking Off Thursday

Sometimes I don’t even think about it but when I do I fully realize just how great I feel all day after a good morning workout. It’s like getting moving in the morning, even if I am having one of those mornings when I don’t want to get moving, just kicks my day into productive gear a lot better than the days when I don’t–at least I think so today anyway.

Walk Away the Pounds mile 3–no not the full 3 miles, just one mile that happened to be mile 3. I like that one because it really does feel like it works me a lot harder than the first mile. Since I’m not a fan of the second mile I rarely do it.

I did yoga first–hamstrings, love handles and lean legs. That felt great and definitely worked my arms too. The Linked to Fitness page on my site can get you to the free workouts online.

Post shower and I am ready to take on the world–okay, maybe not the world but at least my language studies and then my new knitting project. I did the cast on last night so it is ready to go. I don’t feel like writing though :(…oh well, there are so many hours left in the day and maybe things will change before the day is over.

Have a great Thursday everybody.


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