It’s a Sign

Do I believe in signs? Maybe a little. Although mostly I am not talking supernatural signs here. I’m talking red flags of the “you’re changing and do you want to” type.

I noticed lately that my mother is always fixing my clothes. Seriously, she comes up and fixes a collar on my sweater so often that the other week I told her “you’re always fixing my clothes.” She said that it’s because I don’t do it. “You used to check yourself in the mirror before you left but you don’t do it anymore,” she had said. That’s partially true. I checked myself before I grabbed my sweater off the chair in the dining room and I didn’t go back to my room to look since I was near running out the door to take her somewhere.

She is right though; I did used to dart back to the room to make sure collars were out before I left the house. A great looking dress can be seriously mangled by collars on sweaters or jackets turned under when they should be out.

Is it a sign? Yes. It’s a sign that I need to get my head on straight and check my collar before I leave the house.

Stay Fashionable



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