Waking Up Thinking

For the second morning in  a row I have awakened with thoughts of the knitted project I am planning to try to design on my mind. Every time I think I am going to make myself something I end up either gifting it to somebody else of putting in the Etsy Store. Well, I went back to my idea of a project I have wanted to do for a while but since I had gone ahead with another project I didn’t do much more than think about the design idea. I’ve decided to change that. I am going to start doing the swatch for my idea to see how it works out before jumping in and knitting it full on.

I have the yarn. I have the idea in mind I just need to start writing it out. I’m going to do it. At least I say that now. Today is still young yet and there is much to still be done. But if I can get this started and finished then it can be my gift from me to me.

If I get this started and done I will probably share the finished piece here and maybe give the other details on my other knitting and sewing focused blog. I’ll let you know.

Happy Wednesday you all.



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