The Sun Is Shining Somewhere

Okay, those of you traveling in not so peaceful waters let’s look to at least one bright bit of news today. There is a Supermoon coming up next week on Monday (the 14th). Scientists say it will be the biggest one in almost 70 years. Years ago I would have traveled out to a beach to get great pictures but with not feeling safe in this country anymore I will just try to get a great look from the backyard instead. I don’t want to miss this one as I am not over 70 years old so I haven’t seen one this big and bright before and the next one isn’t expected to be this big until after 2034. You can find out about it here in this video. Let’s hope the weather is clear everywhere in the world so everybody can see the moon when it’s in the sky where you are.

Photographer, astronomer or anybody just interested in nature this could be a great night to look up at the moon and enjoy the beauty of nature. There is something peaceful in watching the sky and I hope that you, too, can find a little bit of peace no matter what chaos is going on in your life.

Stay Healthy


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