Monday Again

I’m in for one of those days where working on knitting projects will be hard to concentrate on but with my math mishap yesterday I have had to start over with my latest project. Yeah…math that I swear I had worked out before I cast on. Oh well…there are worse things in life than having to start over a project you have less than a month to finish on time.

So what’s on today’s list:

  • Getting the cookbook finalized as I think I have edited more than I can and reformatted with the added recipes so at some point I have to be ready to let go. Letting go is not always easy.
  • Working on one of my fictional works.
  • Knitting. I have told myself that I would like to finish this project before my birthday and I have less than a month to finish something that is far too many pieces to finish in a month when one has other work to do too. I’m still going to try though.

Other than that yoga, cooking (the meal is in the Crock-Pot already), cardio. There are not any moments of today where I can afford to take a break from my “need to be done” list.

Have a great week everybody and Stay Healthy.


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